Hewkii Inika Titan Studio revamp

1112 parts
This will always be how I see Inika Hewkii. I will also do the other 5 Inika at this scale with a unique build for each Toa (no reskinned clone builds). All non custom parts are available in these colours ( the non render only version colours) minus the spear in the sword and the carapar pieces which I recoloured to match the mask. Custom parts are from Khing and Galvanized.


Holy Gadunka, that’s a huge chain.


Neat! :+1:

Is there anywhere I can find instructions for this?


I may eventually make some if I become familiar with studio’s instruction maker but the model is very complex so that would be challenging and would be very expensive to make in real life due to the sheer amount of parts many of which are custom and hard to spray paint to the gunmetal titanium colour. Ill keep it in mind though and thanks for your interest.


No problem! :+1:

Would you consider posting the Stud.io file, perhaps? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure will do

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Thank you so much! :+1:

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