Hewkii Mahri revamp

So hear is my Hewkii Mahri revamp! I know he's small but I'll explain later. Oh I have something I want to say, I plan on making bionicle revamps every week day!

His axe/spear thing.

The axe/spear out of his hand. (sorry it's so blurry)

I don't have any Cordak blasters so I made this. Pretty much a saw Kholi stick.

The saw thing can come out and become a little "drone" (Sorry the pics blurry)

Wielding the staff.

A very crappy pose of him kicking a rock. (I might make a stand for him)

Abunch of random stuff was in this boulder?

The reason I made this guy so small. Please leave Constructive criticism and who should I build next Ehlek or Pridak? Oh and can you find all 4 masks (Hewkii's mask counts)(One is pretty much imposable to see so good luck!)


That's great! Probably the best revamp I've seen in a while, the only problems I have is the shoulders need to be a bit wider and the kohli stick thing just doesn't work very well for some reason. Also I think you should do ehlek next.

I found Hewkii's and the ignika. Are they all in one picture or spread throughout?

must....resist....nitpicking...multiple yellows.....can't...resist...


comes back after drinking a glass of water

I like this guy. He kinda reminds me of what Hewkii would have looked like as a Protector.


I like him that Gadunka is really great, i see 3 of the four masks, can't find the last one

@Shaymin36 Yeah the Kohli stick was kind of just a afterthought.

@Ekorak Yeah the yellow bus me too. But when I get lewa I can probably use his keet-orange armor pieces and will probably just replace the other yellow pieces.

@Middlefingerstudio Have you seen the page for gadunka yet?

@Everyone The masks are spread out. Hint: "The rock holds answers" oh and the masks are really "Masks"

It looks... good. I understand the scale, but the neck is too short and all the limbs a bit too stubby for me.

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Hewkii as a BIONICLE star set! smiley
Awesome! I like him!

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No, liek, I'm srs. It doesn't look as hawt as the original set made me frowning


he is... ok, I would see this as 2015 Huki Mahri

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