Hewkii Mahri's Custom PA1 Cordak Rifle

Hello. I always thought Hewkii Mahri’s arm cannon was really cool. So I decided to make a custom weapon for him.

Other than having different colors and a different barrel (which is how Hewkii got it to fire cordak rounds) it is the same as my previous PA1.

Comments and criticisms are welcome.


both of the cordak blasters i own work fine

i mean
it looks so small compared to a cordak blaster
plus like kongu is way more of a heavy weapons lad than hewkii is, at least as a mahri
not to say this isn’t a bad construction, i love it, it’s just
it looks wimpier than a[quote=“PyroDillon, post:1, topic:31436”]
wimpy cordak blaster
plus he still lacks a right arm


kongu is way more of a heavy weapons lad than hewkii is
I consider Hewkii and Kongu as heavies (plus I want to make a larger gun for Kongu).

Also, sorry for calling it wimpy, I thought the general consensus was that cordak blasters are terrible.

I mean, story wise, those rockets explode on people, sooooo…
That opinion comes from the toy version, which it pretty reasonable, considering that they’re 9 going on 10 years old at this point.

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Fixed up the exaggerated power claims. Thank you.

TBH even when they came out many Cordak blasters were barely functional. I only kept mine because it looked cool.

Though I gotta say aside from trying to improve appearance of the original this is pretty nice.

That looks great, I like how it has some detailed bits like the tap pieces on the front looking like pistons.
MAJOR gripe though, it cant connect to an arm, which makes it useless.
(also he still doesn’t have a hand)

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A nice design. I like the way those minifig arms are integrated.

Nice, but could we see it on Hewkii?

Sorry, I don’t have another Hewkii Mahri to put it on.