Hex: Dragon Lord of the Undead (Revamp)

Some of you might remember a crappy skelly dragon moc i uploaded sometime last year. Well I figured I might take another crack at it and this is the result, hope you all like it

Update: No longer needs a stand and has a better tail

New version:

Old version:

Various angles and whatnot

He screm

Old one for comparison:


At first, I thought this was going to be one of those Bio-Cup entires until I notice the amount of System part used.

An impressive re-creature from the prior form, the head have more personality and appears to have a fairly basic connection if your exclude the Exo-Force arms.


He’s giving me a spook.


Dang, this looks awesome!

Way better than the original.


Thanks :blush: Its very fulfilling to see the difference between the older version and this

Spooky! Way better than the original.


Tbh the old one has a sorta charm about it…

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It was my favourite moc back in the day, so im not surprised some people still like it

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Liking undead asthetic, in addition to dragons, you know I’ll like this!

I think the build is very impressive, especially the use of pieces, like the hulk plates for legs. I saw that on a Makuta Contest winner, and I hadn’t seen it since.

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Yees he doh

That is some good shaping, but I think with your mocs good shaping is a given lol


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Not necessarily hahah, thankyou though :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry all I can see is this. But he’s still cool


What the heck is that

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Looks really cool
Maybe you could use some torn cloth for the wings

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Not a bad idea

Or what if the wings were the arms like Smaug

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The Skeleton Dragon pet from Lego Universe


I feel enlightened


I want one.

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Oh, how far you’ve come. Seriously this is a MAJOR improvement over the original. Gone are the exposed torso plates on the wings, now they actually have a cohesive shape.

The head design is also a step up from the older MOC, sporting a cooler look and packing more personality.

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