HF February: Henry Phosphorus

I’ve got one last contribution to HF feb before it ends. This is Henry Phosphorus, an improved version of William Furno device in every way. His fire is so hot it often burns white. Along with his utility flamethrower shield for close quarters combat, he has the high power “blazer” sniper rifle. Compact, silent and deadly, this rifle is powered by an energy cell on the top that can be discharged at a rate chosen by the operator depending on how powerful of a blast they wish to deal. It is also equipped with a high zoom scope. Henry is also equipped with booster rocket boots for a quick getaway.

So, tell me what you think. As always, comments and criticisms appreciated, and I’ll see y’all later!


I have a soft spot for this one, I like all the add-ons and the alternating layers of red and white make for a nice colour cheme, I laso like that the feet are alternating with this pattern, you beat me to the phosphorus concept as phosphorus can be white red or gray in its powdered form and I always did plan to make toa of phosphorus. Also like the flames choice

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Thanks for the kind words! I actually just wanted to make a red and white hero, and then I thought of the phosphorus concept. I guess you could say it just worked out well for me

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Should have added black phosphorus into design!