HF IFB revamp: Furno Jet Machine revamp (F4LC-0N)

'Ello again ladies and gentlemen! I know this has been some what long ago that I posted Rocka's mech. Well, Today, I'm posting here and kinda review here, probably my favorite mech that I have revamped last year. And that is Furno Jet Machine! smile

3.0 version:

2.0 version:

2.0 version (original):

More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/114946327@N08/sets/72157646120242053/with/13018314903/

Alrighty, about the original set version of this interesting Jet Mech concept. It has by far the best ccbs built (in my opinion)! It has an own unique built with using a few bone parts to make it totally different looking mech, Stormer's and Rocka's mech are okay, but I think this mech is splendid! Sure there could be some covering like a couple of armor parts fixes the not-so-hollow look and feeling. Definitely slightly bulkier than the other wave 1 hero mechs (except Evo's XL mech). The limbs, they weren't not so special, but I appreciate the choice of the weapons for this mech. Okay, the color scheme is also cool, red and gunmetal works pretty well!
My only nitpick has to be the printed armor part, okay, not the printed part, that's cool looking and adds the personality. But it is in silver with printed part, which breaks unfortunately the overall color scheme. And it would be nice if we got two of those and in gunmetal color with printed part. Okay the fire weapon sword thingies they're also in silver, but I don't know, I just prefer the gunmetal coloring to make it nicer.

In my revamped version of Furno's Jet Machine, I have been revamped this mech three times. The first one is just built with the technic parts, the cockpit guns were added on, and the third one was 60% heavily revamped. The Blaze machine gun weapons was heavily revamped, the torso was bulked up, the extra turbo boosters were added, oh, I forgot to tell that it has also furnace canister, the 2.0 version didn't had that canister before. This mech gave me some kind of a warhammer feel, because of the look and the design of it (actually one the deviants said that it reminded warhammer looking soldier or something like that). Well, that's about that. blush


Wow, this is pretty good! Reminds me of the old Exo-Force mechs.

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it's like all your others: Bulky and beautiful!


Millions of seals of approval. @MrBoltTron, you, fine sir, a now my favorite MOCist on the boards!


How many lego pieces do you have?

Jesus I love your work.

I really like the overall look of this MOC. Especially the lower arms and upper body. The only thing that puts me off a bit is the legs don't look big enough to support something like that. I think if the legs were beefed up a bit it would really send this MOC home.

Good Job on your MOC!

I like how you added so many guns.

No but seriously, this is a great reimagining of Furno's battle-machine.

whoa this looks beautiful