HF IFB revamp: Rocka Stealth Machine revamp (SH4-D0W)

Hello again!
Today I'm gonna show for you my revamped version Rocka Stealth Machine! smile

More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/114946327@N08/sets/72157646023481756/with/13649949555/

Well, not my favorite mech, but I'm still happy how it turned out. The codename, SH4-D0W aka Shadow, because of Stealth Mech's invisible ability.

So, how was the original version of it. Well it was far better than that Stormer's "Clown" Mech, but it was skinny. I guess that was a good or bad thing?
The claws were cool, which I liked those before.
But then there has to be "Goo" shooter, I really dislike that name, and it was too obvious looking weapon. Like it was before small jelly weapon but then it grew into larger jelly weapon. And it was too obvious also comparing to the Breakout series hero weapons... Lame... I think so. So that's why I decided to revamp the "Goo" shooter weapon into sniper rifle. Honestly, when I looked Rocka, in my angle, he's classified as sniper class hero, in my opinion.

There's nothing more much to say about the original version of Rocka's stealth mech. He's much better than that Stormer's Freeze mech (and I'm talking about in their original form). But it was cool before, but I changed some of key elements of that stealth mech. Still, I'm happy how it turned out, but not one of my favourite revamped mech's.


Holy crap. That is awesome! I love the gun! Amazing MOC!

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You 'dissin Stormer's giant mobile refrigerator?

Anyways, looks awesome!


I like those mechs and I definitely like your revamp! It's just very complete looking. Proportions are sweet and his translucent hand is gorgeous.

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In original version, yes. But in revamped version, no. But thanks anyways!

Thank you very much!

@MrBoltTron, I just realized that both our avatars are helmets with electricity... no_mouth

Well, yes, obviously tongue
Well I'm posting my self MOC Boltrax soon (but with a slight update look and biography also), after that I have reviewed all of my revamped winter wave Bionicle MOCs. And that my Boltrax avatar profile pic is made by 0nuku

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Took ya long enough (:P)

I presume the update has something to do with his updated chestplate thing?

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Yup, and armor parts also. Also possibly some ninja weapons like kunais and shurikens, but not sure about it, yet.

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I-is that a gundam or metal gear? Seriously that mech is beautiful!

if this was a set I would totally buy it

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Dat gun though @_@ I love it!

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