HF Villain Helmets as Hagah Masks?

Hello there!
Hoping I’m doing this right - I just came across the Hagah Contest Ruleset, and I find it to be very reasonable. While I tried to read as many comments as possible, I couldn’t find anything that adressed these two questions (sorry if I missed something!)

  1. The list includes every banned G1 mask + HF 2.0 and 3.0 helmets, but what about HF Villain helmets? Could they potentially be unknown Kanohi we’ve never heard of, or are they banned too?
  2. When a mask appears in the list, does that mean that a MOC or single-Toa artwork using it will be automatically disqualified, or does it mean that it could be used as a placeholder - provided, of course, that it is changed in the group artwork? (fx a silver Kaukau Nuva)

Those are my two main concerns - I’m assuming the Ignika form on the back of Vezon’s head is also banned, as it appears on the BS01 Ignika page. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to the contests starting! Thanks to TTV for doing these - I have a lot of respect for the job you’re doing, you must really love reading :sweat_smile:, and thanks to anyone who can answer these questions!

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