High Overseer Meso

So here is another piece of Dishonored artwork laced with some TTV. This one was supposed to be @Mesonak crossed with our beloved High Overseer Campbell.

Here is a black and white version I accidentally made while scanning. But I though it was pretty cool.

I have to say not one of my better pieces. I started too high up so I had to clip on the head separate, that is why it looks a bit off. Also, I can’t draw faces very well so the resemblance to our favorite dark lord is a bit off.

I might make more. If you want a dishonored version of you (with my drawing I don’t know why you would) send me a clear picture of you, or if you want a masked character send me a picture of masked character from the game and what twist you want on it to add your personality.

Edit:Here was my basis

Double edit(Can’t make up my mind can I?): I put two TTV nods in this sketch. Lemme know if you find 'em.


Looks pretty good!

tbh, the head reminds me of a certain head of a certain organization that uses certain mechs…

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It doesn’t look much like MESO (well at least to this 'lil Lobster), but it does look good.

Like, real good…

I can’t draw faces @EvilLobsterKing. The best I could do to show resemblance was add glasses.

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I totally get it…

Hail Hydra.

Hail Denmark.

Is there a reference I’m missing?

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He kinda looks like Ward from AoS.