High Quality Rips (SiIvagunner)

I feel as if this is the perfect time to make a SiIva topic.

For anyone who doesn’t know, SiIva started as a parody of Gilvasunner (who actually uploads video game music) who essentially bait-and-switched by mixing in other songs, mainly the flintstones theme. He’s evolved into much more than that, tho.

Discuss your favorites here, I guess.


This is pure amazingness.


I have a pretty good story about that one

I was looking for the original track to download on my school laptop. Because it’s a school laptop, a lot of music download websites are blocked. I thought I had found it, but when I downloaded and played it, it was this one, with nothing to indicate that.

I got baited so hard. It was great.


the legend

Someone on the Silvagunner team must be a fan of Bionicle.

They had MNOG music in Stage Select - Mega Man 3 at 1:41:54

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are you sure? I couldn’t recognize it.

It sounds just like part of the Chroniclers Company track from MNOG.

More specifically, 0:40 of CC sounds just like what I found in MM3.

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i absolutely love this channel, I’ve been following it for around a year or two and i’ve loved it. My favorite rip from the last week is this one:

(Swear warning ahead of time)