Hina, the Wandering Ga-Matoran

A Ga-Matoran who seems to be an odd one out compared to her fellow Ga-Matoran, Hina lives among the cliffs on the shores of Ga-Wahi, usually keeping to herself and only visiting the village to seek saftey from Rahi attacks or to catch a boat. Her occupation usually involves weaving, painting, woodcarving, and trading, sometimes even putting her own projects up for trade. She loves to wander the island and jump between villages, but is highly insecure and usually doesn’t talk over a whisper.

Her personality remains as a bit of an enigma to the other Matoran however. While her sheepishness and gentle nature is certainly present, she gets surprisingly passionate. One time, she and a couple of Po-Matoran carvers would talk for the better half of a day about carving techniques. She would also make an occasional trip to Ko-Koro, where she would have conversations (albeit brief) about inner peace, something that some Ko-Matoran have said that she seemed desperate to achieve. This psychological ambiguity made Hina a uniquely odd case to her fellow Matoran, where despite her quiet and gentle nature being typical of a Ga-Matoran, even going so far as nurturing recently freed Rahi, other Matoran could see in her qualities that they’d be familiar with.

Some Matoran also noticed that Hina would get really frustrated if she couldn’t achieve something on her first go. Sometimes, she would spend days on a project trying to make it just right, but it would end in her throwing her work into the woods hoping it was never seen again. This inner turmoil caused some to question if her demeanor is some sort of facade, however Turaga Nokama usually tells others that she only struggles with how self-critical she is, and that she can sense when Hina is psyching herself out at times. This side of her, however, makes even the sage Nokama question her “femininity”, despite Hina’s best efforts to keep her temper in check and only lash out when she feels no one is watching. This is also the reason for her living in the cliffs and being a trader, as she feels her mind being impure might affect the other Ga-Matoran’s ability to work.

This mental “hurricane”, as she sometimes calls it, can bleed into her ability to do her own job at times. She would spend a full day without moving to even restore her energy, while other times she would force herself to work as hard as possible to make up for any lost time, also neglecting to keep her energy levels at a good level. The ever-present threat of Rahi attacks only stresses her out even more, as her only remedy from her thought hurricane in making relaxing trips around Mata Nui isn’t all that safe.

Despite this, she seems to be at her calmest and happiest when she trades with other Matoran. Having Matoran compliment her work and encourage her brings out the best in her, sometimes inspiring her to make all the harakeke mats, nets, baskets, and wooden carvings she can in a day in the hopes that at least one Matoran would be very happy with her work. She also has a very curious nature, especially in exploring and by learning how certain tools work, or how other Matoran go about their jobs. This led to Matoran asking her to repair tools that could still be salvaged on occasion. One time, despite the intense heat, she got to observe how Lava Farmers did their job and how it helps keep Ga-Wahi’s waters pure.

Her mask is also sometimes a popular topic when Matoran talk about her. When asked about why it was grey, Hina would simply answer in her usual whispering tone, “The moon is lonely, so I wanted to be its friend.” She would tell others about her dreams, how she would see two moons in the sky, and that one of them must’ve disappeared. She would also claim to have seen a “moonbow”, where on a cold night when the clouds were icy and thin, the moon would wear a halo. This phenomenon resonated with Hina, and so she wears a grey mask in the hopes of being just as beautiful. It remains as an ideal that she hopes to achieve someday as well as a way to keep her emotional turmoil in check, otherwise, as she puts it, “The moon may become insulted and take her away.”

(Some information is omitted given that it’s not too relevant to the time period, the Dark Times on Mata Nui.)


How pretty😄


ah cute
nice little model and the story is pretty cool!


The Moc is not really special, yet the colours’ spread and mask look pretty nice when put together, but the story is quite a fun read.


has flashbacks to the story of Hina, the Woman in the Moon in Hawaiian mythology

Of course, there are also a lot of other Hinas in Hawaiian mythology… =P

Anyway, the story really makes this special. As a MOC it’s just a McToran, but as a character it’s a wonderful bit of enjoyable lore, neatly adapted (I assume) from the Polynesian inspiration of BIONICLE.


Thanks everyone!
Yeah, the actual MOC is just a McToran, but I just wanted a self-insert to the Bionicle lore.

Hina’s name actually eludes to her true nature, as well as being inspired by a Polynesian figure for the moon (most specifically, I wanna take after the figure of Hine-korako, “grey/fair maiden”, the personification of the moon halo, as well as a slight reference to Rona).

I’m happy peeps seem to enjoy the story as well. Took me a while to word everything right. n n”