Hinseusn, The Incarnated Rainbow (WIP)

First of all, this MOC was a pain to pose. Also he will change drastically if I can continue...

Some might remember this name, well it's the same person.
Previous form

Hinseusn, The Incarnated Rainbow (WIP 1)
The Rainbow Tyrant have shifted into a new form, and he's prepare for the worst.

Alterative Form:
Hinseusn, The Incarnated Rainbow Alt. (WIP 2)

Random Themes:


His build looks awesome :smiley:

I think I understand this one slightly more than the last one... maybe.

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To much gold, not colorful enough, but a creative use of a skull spider.

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I pretty much agree!

Good work.

nice ! i like it :stuck_out_tongue:

:older_woman: eck, ill continue in the future.