Hinseusn, The Unbound

“What I lost was an unburden… But I will regain what’s ours.”
Hinseusn, The Unbound
Lost from another realm, this armless colored monstrosity will reclaim what he had lost.
Insect Form:
Hinseusn, The Unbound (Strike Pose)



I have no idea what I’m looking at.


But it looks pretty neat nonetheless

It looks interesting all folded up like in the first photo.

Not bound by the concept of color consistency?

The rainbow of colors should bug me, but the alien build makes my brain forgive it. Nice work.

Didn’t know aliens were made of skittles.

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Loksmt like a cocoon, but the bug mode is good to.
Love the color scheme and build!


Build is neat, the colors I guess are psychedelic, but the mask doesn’t fit…the gold is really out of place with all the trans.

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
Can see why it’s title is “The Unbound”.

Now that’s cool :thumbsup: