Hirgnhis - Toa of Fire

Hey again everyone! This is another old moc of mine. His name is Hirgnhis (pronounced HRIG-nus). He's part of Toa Cynhika's (http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/cynhika-toa-of-water/36393) team. Initially, I was only planning to build Cynhika, but around the time I was building her, we were getting our first official news about the Bionicle reboot, so I was really hyped about Toa teams with dual-function weapons. So because of that, I decided to make an entire team of Toa (or rather... half of one because the other half died in my storyline), starting with Cynhika, with Nihilau (http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/nihilau-toa-of-air/36410) and Hirgnhis following suit. Hirgnis uses a pair of Swords which he can ignite (like the shishkebab from Fallout) or he can put them together and use them as a hover board because there are jets built into the bottoms of the handles.

Being that the three of team, I tried to convey that through all of their construction, by giving them similar torso builds. Like I said before, a lot of my old mocs use inika limbs/torsos and he's no exception, so sorry about that guys, I promise my new mocs will be entirely custom!

Story wise (full storyline here: http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/my-bionicle-storyline/35530), he's one of the Toa that first appears during the second part of the first arc. Him and the rest of his team have been harassing the To-Kuta occupying New Atero by using cheap tactics like hit-and-run and outnumbering their enemies.

I'm planning to build a revamp of him soon, loosely based on Drift from Transformers Age of Extinction. This revamp is supposed to represent how he looks like at the end of the first arc and throughout the second and third arcs. If you guys have any ideas to contribute to the revamp I'd love to hear them!

Bio coming soon!


the shoulder padding looks a little weird, but all in all, pretty good!

It looks like 2015 Tahu and Jaller combined with strange shoulder armor
I like the blades

As much as i love old gold, I dont feel like it works all that great here tbh, he looks nice otherwise, and i like the dual weapon feature


Hi Jaller! Wait, Lhikan! Uh, Vashari? No one knows who that is.

Yeah, a bit similar to past Toa of Fire, but still looks pretty cool.

what do you guys think about me taking out the old gold, making him metru red and mata red with orange accents?

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It reminds me of one of my older MOCs.

Sounds good!

Nice work on the sword design and the posing on the last image. I think the Metru armour on the shoulders protrudes a bit too much, though.

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