History Faction Wars!

Hello, and welcome to the discussion topic for history faction wars.
you can sign up here, as well as other things. If you sign up, state what ancient civilization's team your on (Rome, Egypt, Sparta, ect.) and state the name of your army.
In the game, each player has an army of 5 troops, which you attack or defend with. (you decide this in a PM.) Each civilization has 3 cities. You decide weather to defend one of your cities, or if you want to attack an enemy city. You can also combine armies with allies or split up yours. Who wins each fight is determined by how many troops the defender has, and how many troops the attacker has at the city. If the defender and attacker have the same amount of troops at the city, each army will lose 1 troop. If you lose all your troops, your out of the game. there is a way to get more, which i will go into detail about later.
The results of your decisions will be posted at 6:00 eastern, in a format similar to mafias nights.


Civilization: Persia
Army: Persian Empire

So it's kinda like Risk

But with people?

...Alright. I'll join the ROMAN team.

Something i forgot to mention is that if the attacker wins, they take over the city.

Hmmmm I'll probably play... But I can't think of a civilization for the life of me stuck_out_tongue

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You could just join Rome or Persia.

I might...

Join the Mongol Empire! Far superior to Rome or Persia xD

^^^ From a reliable source that isn't wikipedia.

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Join the Persian Empire!
Help me liberate the cities from their Tyranny!
We have no slaves here.

Join Rome

we have cakes

Civilization: Egypt
Army: Medjays

Will you have a map so we know who's where?

I think I'll to go with... Sparta?
Might change it...


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I'm gonna control the Hunnic Empire! Our mounted archers are the quickest and most accurate in the land!

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For the Glory of ROME!

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AVE, UmbraManis! smile

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I am here to represent the great mass of mercenary soldiers employed throughout history.

Love live the value of gold!

(I guess I'll arbitrarily ally with different nations and whatnot)


The Kingdom of Israel.
Army: The Israelites and conquered Canaanites. (Including the Philistines)
Ruler: Solomon, son of David.


Name your amount?

Whoever can give us the most.