History of Bionicle timeline (school project)

the title says it all, this is a timeline project I made for my Microsoft Office class. the bottom of the Mahri image and its caption got cut off when i cropped it to keep my name out.

(you might have to zoom in to read some of it, its 11" x 17")

Some requirements had to be met, and its sorta just basic stuff for someone who dosent know much about Bionicle, but I have the feeling I missed something important, so let me know if I did. also, what looks like a link is one in the word version/pdf, but I screenshoted it to cut out my name


Looks pretty cool!

I haven’t read it all but this very sweet. I really like how it followed up with G2 and the 20th Anniversary.

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This is a really cool way to see Bionicles history, nice job :ok_hand:

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