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Alarms blare, glass cracks, alarms mingle with the sound of stomping and motors. Prisoners huddle in groups attempting to stay as quiet as possible, monsters clad in diving suits roam, enforcers of the sunken Alcatraz, some try to fight, some hide and some sacrifice all they have to survive.

Where do you stand?

This is an RP set in the sunken prison that was home to one of my characters Leadhead. your goal will be to survive and escape you will be prisoners who have recently been “released” due to a strange blackout that happened. Whether or not you actually committed any crimes topside is up to you. Characters won’t have much with them maybe you looted some construction tools or medical supplies but you won’t have anything like guns or motorbikes. Divers patrol and if you get caught hold your breath, count to three and relish the sight of the sea.

Welcome to Ironbolt Penitentiary

Character guide
Name:(self explanatory)
Number:(Serial number divers will refer to you by)
Bio:(How long have you been in Ironbolt? Do you have any relations? Why did you come to Ironbolt?)
Equipment: (any tools you might have scrounged up)
Appearance: (descriptions are fine pictures are preferable)


Question: Does this take place before or after Arena Battle? (My character choice depends on your answer)

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Long before
50 years to be more precise

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Got it.

Name: Styrke
Number: 12637
Bio: Styrke was once a normal, mild-mannered man. But then, his home world was invaded by a race of multiversal alien warlords, known as the Xir’algath. Narrowly escaping, Styrke was left with nothing but a thirst for revenge. Over time, he sharpened his body and combat skills, becoming a professional Xir’algath hunter. He killed Xir’algath for sport, and joined a resistance to fight against them. After the war, Styrke had been incarcerated for beating somebody to death, partially because of his violent tendencies after spending so many years killing Xir’algath. He has been at ironbolt for about 3 years, and has rallied some goons to do his bidding. The tools he has gathered are an emergency hatchet(The kind you use for breaking windows), a pipe, and some bandages for patching his wounds.

Appearence: Strong, muscular, tan skin, wears a ripped white tanktop and robes around his waist.

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No. 12637 welcome to your new home

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How many characters can we have, by the way?

One I want things clear and easy for myself
BTW if you know anyone who might be interested please say

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Yeah, I invited a few users. let’s just hope they got the message.

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The heck is this?

A thing I made

An RP, which kinda fizzled out of popularity. But fear not, for I actually have an idea…

What idea?

yeah actually what idea? Or is it a surprise because I LOVE surprises

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I just sent you a PM.

Alas this RP is closed