Homemade Bionicle Stories

Hello everyone!

My name is Warshinken, and I just wanted to ask the bionicle community something that has been on my mind lately.
Over the years we have had some great Bionicle projects, like Suddenlyoranges “reviving bionicle”, Joeblackman100’s “Waste disposal” series or, if you are into bionicle literature Jayzor’s “Bionicle Eternal” ( of course, their was brickonicle, but I don’t think TTV ever made a video series or wrote a story, it was mostly discussion, etc ). The list could go on, but the point is that no matter if it is a stop motion series, animated series, or a written series there are still some bionicle stories that can and should be told.

The question that I have to you, the Bionicle fans, is do you think the community is still interested in these kinds of projects, or have we all moved on with our lives and it would be futile to even start again.

If the answer is yes, we still want bionicle projects and films, series, books, etc. Then can you tell us in which direction they should go? Suddenlyoranges humorous and entertaining “real life” style of bionicle, or a more “sci-fi fantasy” bionicle story like bionicle eternal?
Should the answer be no, then how come? Should we all just move on and not further bionicles history together?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to all of your responses.




I’ll be honest, at this point the Eternal team are mostly doing it for ourselves. It’s a rare occasion that we see someone mention the project, but certainly appreciated when it does happen. But at this point, it’s mostly an excuse to work with friends to develop a story and a setting, to express our love for Bionicle.

I like to think that we’ll continue for several years. I hope that one day Bionicle will return. But I’m not holding my breath to be honest.

(I doubt the Eternal project will ever end unless we properly wrap it up though.)


Though it is currently in a sort of hiatus, just to let us recover from the constant madness and screaming in the staff chat about deadlines mostly by me, sorry guys, ehehehe :stuck_out_tongue:

As for your question though: I absolutely would. Still waiting on RSG to properly get going and such, but they’ve seemed quite promising so far. However, it seems (at least in the circles I run in) that the community at large has kind of lost interest in it. However, if you could sell it to me then I’d sure as heck read/watch/listen to it.

I wouldn’t really mind the angle, as I could go for either a more comedic (though Reviving Bionicle could definitely get pretty real at times) or serious story, but I’d definitely be a fan of more story-based stuff. I feel like this branch of the community in particular has way more stock in MOCs though, which is a shame in my eyes. Bionicle was always about the story to me.