Honouring the original ending of Bionicle

So I was revisiting the original ending of Bionicle (the Bionicle STARS era) and I realised how much of a dud of an ending it was. I mean, the Stars in of themselves are an alright idea, but the execution was horrible.

I could get into a rant about how bad it was, but I think we've all said our piece in the intervening years.

Anyway, my question is, should the original ending be honoured by the new story if it is in fact, a continuation?

Should we still consider Tahu a Mata when everyone else is a Nuva? Lewa off in some far off-land? The Glatorian and Agori even being a thing that exists with the Matoran?

I'm quite keen to see the Matoran and Toa be the focus again, but not a complete reboot. Thoughts?


Personally, I want a reboot because the ending, well, sucked. But if I had to pick a place for the story to pick up after... I'd say retcon it so that Mata Nui was actually inside the robot body at the end of '08 and then go from there. (Sorry, I'm a Bara Magna hater. :P)

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Well now that you mention the ending of Bionicle with the Stars. Yes, that was a sad way to end of Bionicle but then I thought. What if Hero Factory fans didn't get anything like the Stars for an ending, there just left with no final wave. Anyways, sort of off topic but I think that we wouldn't see Tahu as a Mata nor a Nuva anymore but now he has become a Star. Atleast that's what I believe he became but if this is a continuation of any kind I'd love to see how they'd do with Tahu as a midget and the other 5 Toa as big Nuva.

I wanted BIONICLE to end when Teridax took over the Universe, but that's just me and my brother.

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That would have been a sour note to close!!! I remember reading that book and thinking of all the awesome adventures that lie ahead... Alas we never got to see... well anything. They just rocked up on Bara Magna and left

I think a continuation has to carry on from the Sphrerus Magna reunion, but it would be easy to retcon all the nonsense that went down