Horrible Books You Read/had to read 4 school From When You Were Younger

What books did you hate having to read when you were younger? I had to read this when i was younger:

Anyone read this?

If you read the reviews, you may be able to see why its horrible.

Personally, I can't stand "Treasure Island", which I had to read last year, or "Animal Farm", which I read this year and dislike even more.

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I loved Treasure Island.

If there's one book I hated reading it was "The Giver."

I hate books with cliff-hangers and no definitive endings. Plus that book made me sad. :frowning:


Oh, yeah. I hated the Giver even more. I read it this year, and my teacher, in addition to making us read it in the first place, milked the book of every stupid project she could think of.😤


Romeo and Juliet nuff said

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Ugh I hate that. SOOOOOO much.

I prefer to read literary classics and maybe some inventive novels as well. The Giver, while having a good story, just, well, left me kinda sad and empty inside. :confused:


Ah man, animal farm is great but for political and other reasons.


Also, the ten or so essays I had to write on both books didn't help.
(Giver and Animal Farm)

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Ya that could hurt your perception of it quite a bit.

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An essay every other chapter, and two on the 100 question test. Not helping the book.

I have to deal with that a lot for my English classes. Ugh. :S

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Ya the book is a good one to show human nature and how people naturally will turn against each other, and why communism couldn't work in a devolved society. Good food for thought, but doing a ton of stuff on a seeming dull and question asking book could make it seem really bad.


How about The Princess Bride.
That book is incredibly misogynistic, never read it if you want to enjoy the film.

I disliked reading Alice in wonderland and through the looking glass. Not cause it was boring but whenever I am forced to read I hate any any kind of book


Real talk, my teacher had us all write an ending.

I've hated a lot of the books I was forced to read,
Honestly I think a more interesting topic would be books we actually liked, or atleast expand the topic to include both good and bad books.

Like I've sort of blocked out the books I didn't like,
But I still remember books like 'inventing Eliot' 'lord of the flies' 'catcher in the rye' and 'A matter of honour'.

Plus maybe talking about good books could give us all some books to think about reading.


Oh man I didn't like Lord of the Flies.

That legitimately scared me.


Well, I believe that was the intention, showing the dark monstrous side of humanity which dwells even within children.


I know but it was so creepy!

I loved it, it was creepy, and actually impacted me.

What I hated was to write summaries every chapter.


Chronicler, you're too soft. /s

The only book I can think of that I particularly disliked was Great Expectations.

Complain about Animal Farm or The Giver or Lord of The Flies leaving you depressed as you will, but they actually had something to say... A message. As melancholy as they were; those all felt justified to me.

But Great Expectations... Man. That was just "Pip and friends have horrible lives and their personal tragedies bleed into one another's. Deal with it."

I suppose I could say the same thing about The Scarlet Letter, but even that had something...