Horrifying Revelations

Or what if there was some form of civilisation before the Okototians, and some kind of horrible event, some form of great cataclysm, wiped them all out.

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This is why matoran are small


Maybe they just burrow?

Yeah I dunno

Wait a minute. If the Bohrok came from Av-Matoran, where did the Bohrok-Va and Bohrok-Kal come from?

From BS01

Bohrok-Va: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Bohrok_Va
“The Bohrok Va were created by the Great Beings to assist the Bohrok”

Bohrok-Kal: https://biosector01.com/wiki/Bohrok-Kal
“The Bohrok-Kal were created by the twin queens of the Bohrok swarms, Cahdok and Gahdok. The Bahrag exposed six Bohrok, one from each swarm, to a mutagenic substance.”

So baisically the Va were created entirely by the great beings, but the Kal were created by the Bahrag’s own volition, by exposing regular bohrok to whatever it is the make the Krana with. Neat.


Bada bing, bada boom, I ressurect this topic from its doom…

…for the specific point of making this even worse.

I got the impression that Zaktan tortured the Toa into melting himself. Zaktan gets his protodites way in there, and the Toa tries to burn them out…

Although I will point out that Greg has gone out of his way to leave the fate of the Toa ambiguous:









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Bit of the opposite of a horrifying revelation, but back when I was first getting into Bionicle circa 2006, there was a collection of screenshots from LoMN that was used to advertise the movie in the Visorak instruction books. One of the screenshots was of Vakama and Nokama riding Kikanalo. But because of how small the image was, the lighting of it, and the shaping and off-whiteness of the Kikinalos’ shoulders, I thought that Vakama and Nokama (not that I knew their names at the time) were walking through a field of skulls and bones. So when I finished watching the movie the first time, I was like “Where were the bodies?”


I’m telling you right now

Legends of Metru Nui would’ve been entirely redeemed if there was a field of bodies


Not horrifying, but I just realized that Mask of Light was about Takua both literally and metaphorically going on a quest to find himself.

Whether that’s brilliant or dumb and cheesy, I leave up to you.