Horrory, Monstery, Gory Drawings

A few drawings inspired by the Strogg from Quake 4. I’m the same guy behind ‘Some Pretty Weird Drawings’, incase you recognized the art style… and generally grotesque imagery.


Holy crap
this is like
really friggin good


Thanks :smiley:

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That Strogg is amazing.

Thanks. I’d love to be able to go and work for Id Software, and time it perfectly with a Quake II / IV successor being developed.

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Awwwwwwwww yeah.

Really awesome drawings here. Nice work.

It does give that nightmare fuel look. Looks good.

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Man, I wish I had the skill to draw monsters like this!

…How did you even…
That shaping is fantastic!


I love the detailing here. The behemoth in particular is my favorite.

Now this is my kind of art… although i suppose i do tend to lean more towards more HR giger styled art

In that case, I have some other work that may interest you :smiley: I’ll try uploading it in the next few days

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Please tag me when you do

I want this. I don’t know why but I want this.

Quake II masterrace :u

Really really like the styling you’ve got here. It’s detailed without needing color, and just looking at them gets me thinking of the endless noises of the Quake II campaign, even if they’re from two games later in the series.

I have to say, Quake II was awesome. That soundtrack is amazing.

In terms of character design however, I prefer to look to Quake 4 due to the higher amount of detail, though I would like to experiment with the more angular style of Quake II. For example, the Tank.



My personal favorite design is still the Makron. Not JORG, but the regular Makron out of his armor. Something about the railgun head always seemed cool to me.