House M.D. TV Series

So uh, this is a long shot here, but has anyone else watched House? It’s a brilliant show, with sarcasm and shenanigans bountiful. The intro is pretty darn catchy too.

I particularly like the music they choose for those.

Anyway, for all of you who haven’t seen it, the show is about this diagnostician working in New Jersey who has a bum leg which is constantly in pain, is addicted to Vicodin, and hates people but loves diagnosing them. Actually, it’s more about the puzzle. Anyway, he’s sarcastic, rude and hilarious.

Oh, and he has a team of people who he commands to do his bidding around the hospital.

Psst, it’s also on netflix. 8 seasons =D



Don’t know if shows was unpopular, or none of the fans are on this forum.

In all seriousness, though, I have never seen the show.

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Wait wut?

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I’ve seen quite a bit of this show, and my mom has the first 7 seasons on DVD, and has watched all of them.

Eh, the show was popular, but I assume it had an older audience (Mid 20’s-30’s)

See, he has a diagnostic department where he figures out extreme illnesses, and he has a team of people who he berates, but relies on to get the job done.

You can hate people and still work with them.

show name drops arceus seems legit to me


I watched it every once in a while, haven’t seen the final episodes myself. The show would have been nothing without Hugh Laurie.