House of Cards (Netflix Original Series)

You know, that one show that everyone seems to be talking about now.

House of Cards is a Netflix Original Series about a House Majority Whip (I dunno what it is either) named Frank Underwood,who navigates the ups and downs of the White House with a new president. The first season takes place in 2013.

Here’s the Wikipedia article:

So, has anyone else watched this show? What do you think?


Love the show, I should probably start watching it again. David Finchers directing of the first episodes was excellent! Then again he is one of my favourite directors.

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A house majority whip is the assistant to the majority leader in the House of Represenatives. Majority means the dominating party of course. Anyways the majority whip helps relay messages to other represenatives, helps schedule, and speaks to different federal agencies. Mostly assists the Majority leader however.

I usually recommend google but I honestly know this. Hope that helped.


This is on the list of shows and movies I’ve never watched but probably will at some point.

I just finished watching this a couple days ago k it was like a week and a half ago but still

I gotta say, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, partly because what the series is about didn’t seem like it would appeal to me and partly because I mostly started watching it because I was bored and had nothing else to watch.

That being said, I liked it a lot overall and I’m hyped for season 5 which comes out later this month IIRC

my only nitpick was how Frank pronounces words with “wh” in them and puts too much emphasis on the h