How about World of Warcraft?

Well, I’m member of one RP Private server of one popular MMO, World of Warcraft…the server gives it’s users own phases where they can build their own little place with in-game models that naturally occur in WoW…So i thought to myself. “How about Ta-Koro?” So I started building…I must admit there are not really that many tools to adjust the game to my liking and thus my little Ta-Koro looks a bit odd. Also, only thing I’ve finished thus far is one tent, the gate and placed other huts…things like the Wall of History, Vakama’s house and Kolhii field are still missing…so why am I even posting this here? Because I think some people might find it interesting.

The Gate…not really done, still missing towers and the rocks leading to Ta-Koro are kind of meh…

My attempt to make a Ta-Matoran in WoW.

Let’s play some Kolhii!

Here is bit of overview of what is done thus far.

Yes that is supposed to be an Ussal Crab.

Well I hope y’all like it…if you don’t, let me hear your opinion


Daaaang Son.

Mata Nui expansion for WoW Required.


Pretty neat

10/10 would buy over WoD


Well, it seems pretty accurate.

This one day
Might become a Project

@Whaddon I always wanted a Bionicle MMO…It would be the ultimate wish for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks really good. Great job :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Built bit more of Ta-Koro, Jala’s hut and entrance to Vakama’s creepy cult hut which is still being build. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jala’s tent

placeholder for the dancing Ta-Matoran

Behind these doors Vakama practices his mambo jambo of doom. :smiley:


Okey…since I had lot of free time today, I managed to build most of the Ta-Koro and tiny part of Ta-Wahi… Here is areal view of (amost) finished Ta-Koro.

and Vakama’s hut. :smiley:

I already began building The charred forest…however I do not want to overflow this topic with pictures, so from now on, only finished work will be displayed. :blush:



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@Yveran Thanks.

Nice! :smile:

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@DG_Eddie That profile background tho.

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Yaa, thank you, I love playing Hearthstone, in that my fave class is warrior, so… References, references :smile:

I almost forgot…if any of you knows how to play WoW or wants to see Ta-Koro for themselves…check the server out, when you are logged in simply type this in the chat “.ph j 59474” and you will appear in Ta-Koro :smiley:

Here is the link

I don’t play, sorry, and I don’t think that there is a cracked server where this is available…

Heh…no worries,I just put this out there if somebody wants to check the Ta-Koro…and believe me, It is available on the server…otherwise I could not build Ta-Koro. :blush:

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