How are Matoran made?

I know that there are Matoran Factories, and are run by Turaga. But we don’t know how Matoran are made in those Factories. How are Matoran made?

I can’t recall any time this was stated. Matoran were created by the Great Beings as far as I know.

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When two toa are incapable of loving each other very much…


Both is possible and confirmed. Matoran were originally created by the Great Beings while the creation of replacement units and “supply stock” were regulated by the Turaga.

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Maybe the facteries are actually Lego factories where the turaga buys matoran sets from lego


Greg wasn’t allowed to discuss how exactly were the Matoran made.


Welp, headcanon prevails again I guess…

This specific question is on the “never to be answered” list.
However, we do have partial answer (which I think is enough): The are special machines in MU that can make Matoran when needed.

Yes, that’s what I assumed as well. Now I don’t really understand why Greg wouldn’t be allowed to talk about that. Matoran are robots. They don’t reproduce like humans. What’s the problem, other than him giving a yet another piece of controversial information the fans would hate?

In a meta sense, the Turaga have a spare bin of Lego parts floating around that they can MOC Matoran out of. :rofl:

I honestly wish we got a detailed breakdown of Matoran biology. It would be really cool to see how the organic and mechanic components interact with each other. But sadly its left in the realm of fanon now.


Question answered w/o being answered… Topic closed

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