How are the Agori made?

I understand how the Metrutoran were made, which if I’m not mistaken, they were built and manufactured in labs in Metru Nui by the Turaga, however how are the Agori from Spherus Magna made exactly?

I ask this because I’m pretty certain that they don’t have labs (that I know of) since it’s mainly terrain as seen through 2009’s story.

the agori are a naturally accourring species. they aren’t made they reproduce


Agori are like the inverse of Matoran. They are also more organic and thus need to reproduce, unlike Matoran. This is why love was made canon in 2009.


Oh, ok. This makes sense.

But in-terms of their origin, who created the first?

It was probably a great being, but I wonder who exactly that could’ve been…

they just evolved into existence like humans

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Wait, so they originally came from Matoran then?

no, they evolved as a species on spherus magna and then the great beings(which were a part of the species) created the MU and everything inside it to rebuild the planet after it got separated into bara,aqua and bota magna

the matoran were based on the agori

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Huh, that’s interesting.

Thanks for letting me know!

I’m actually still very curious as to what organisms the Agori evolved from though…

we may never know. unfortunately we don’t know much about the history of the agori civilization

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Yeah, and that’s a huge shame.

Well, I thank you guys for explaining this to me.

I’m still very curious about a few things, but at the end of the day I know a lot more now than I did then.

Great beings are agorii. Or rather, Great Beings were Glatorian who are a sub species / class of agorii

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According to Bs01 the Glatorian are not Agori, but probably share a common ancestor with them.

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