How Bio Specific Terms Could be Used in Gen 2

I believe Bionicle specific names and terms can be handled in a way so that it does not oversaturate the line yet still be present. Besides that, it was more likely that it was the amount of plots going on at the same time that caused the majority of the confusion and consequently, cancellation (not to mention the greater rate of breaking pieces).

There are a couple of ways to go about handling Bionicle specific terms and names, some of which can be used in conjunction with each other.

  1. This first point is actually inspired by what one of the guys at comic-con said "The Heroic Toa". The idea is to just add a bit to the end of a name, instead of "Muaka", advertise as "Muaka Beast" or "Muaka Tiger".

  2. Some things will only need to be known in one year, kids who arrive in later years will not have to learn what the names and terms refer to, to understand the current year's plot and stories.

  3. The webisodes/animations are visual, this allows children and newcomers to easily understand what each name or term refers to. I remember that the only vague idea of the Bionicle universe I understood when I was a kid were the mini videos and movies.


The way I see it is that they should keep the old names as something like The Ancient Language and use the same G1 vocabulary. Most things could and should still be often referred to in their more simplified names. This way, depth is kept while not being daunting - the use of G1 vocabulary becomes an alternative, while it's "translated" for the rest of us.


I'm not saying that G1 vocabulary should be used, I'm saying that they should create new terms. The use of Bionicle specific terms was part of what made it special. As I said above, the vocabulary would not be daunting if handled in those ways.

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I would like Toa to mean Masters in ancient Okoto-ish.


I still say that Lego could easily renew the copyright on certain names used previously.


I do like your idea of "Muaka Tiger"

Personally, I think more named people would help the feel of authenticity. Also, I think minor characters could also be named. In G1 there were many named villagers. These "back-ground" characters helped give a feeling of culture, but people didn't really have to remember their names since they were only minor characters. Also, Lego could plant named characters who will appear later on, like Ahkmou.

Past naming people I think LEGO should keep specialized names to a minimum.

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I may not remember their names, but I sure remember their characters. Sadly, these new villagers have none.

I'm hopeful that the books won't be quite so shallow. And we'll get more story over time...


I don't really see how adding another word makes it any easier to remember, but if it works for you, I could see it.

That bits more about relateability : "What's a Muaka?" as opposed to "I can imagine what a Muaka tiger would look like".


Ah. Makes sense.

The term "Rahi" shouldn't be used on Okotoan animals IMO.

Yah. While technically it works as "Rahi" means wildlife, the actual Rahi were the Makuta's creations. Wait...
What if the 2016 beasts were made by the Makuta? :open_mouth:

Rahi means "not us", actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Direct translation VS what they use it to mean. It means literally "not us" but they use it as shorthand/slang for "wildlife".