How Can I Make Custom Mask Molds?

I have been interested in silicone molding and stuff like that to make custom Bionicle masks. However, I'm not sure what the best kit is, and I don't know how to mold stuff with holes...
Any recommendations?


I'm no expert, believe me.
The only thing I can suggest is this:

I've never done it myself ( and the mask the person in the video makes just looks awful) but I'm sure the process works.... I think!
I hope this may help!

I have actually seen that video before a while back, but I'll take a look.
Plus, I'm not planning to make my own mask out of stuff, I was planning on taking a mask and putting that into a mold so I can make the same mask out of miscellaneous materials, such as other colors of plastic, candy, metal, etc.
Thanks though! :slight_smile:

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It would work the same with a plain mask.

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Ok. I will try to say what I meant to say for everyone to understand.
How do I make a mold from a plain mask and make masks out of other materials?
P.S. Im as starving as a Muaka. I gotta go get some chimichangas. Be right back.

An easy way is to make a sand mold.

Here's the best example I can show you, you might have to either find more videos or just devise a way of solidifying the mold so it can be used over and over.

Another option is to buy some plaster and make a mold from that.


I'm not sure if you're big on Warhammer 40k or other Games Workshop products but there's this stuff called Green Stuff that's fairly cheap at around 12$ it's really easy sculpting putty that hardens on it's own (no oven required) and it can make some really great models. I think it'd be suitable for Bionicle Masks, I've never tried to make a mask with it but I'm sure if you get the shape right (or even stick an axle in there for some of the the G1 masks) That might work I'll leave a link here in case you wanna get some and try it out.

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I would get shapeways to 3d print it for you. It might cost some, but it would be worth it, in my mind.

I actually know about green stuff.
I've just seen people make silicone molds and fill them with other things like melted plastic.
Basically, I want to make masks like SocketBallMasks.
Here's a link to his tumblr:

Oh I like these!! These would be GREAT for custom Skull and Protector Masks!

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I think if you want to clarify what you're asking, @Hautaka, you could rename the topic "How Can I Make Custom Mask Molds". :wink:

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I suggest that you go check out TheKingofRandom's YouTube channel, he's been doing a lot of silicone molding.

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Can anyone give me some tips on how to avoid brush marks when painting masks with acrylic paint?

@PakariNation99 Funny story, @Plural actually already changed the name. I'll change it.
@Matanui606 I've seen his videos, but I'm just wondering, how do I make silicone molds from objects (such as Bionicle masks in this case) with holes in them?
Also, where did you guys find this topic? Since when it was moved from Off Topic, I can't find it in Creative Content.


My suggestion would be to make a two part mold; make a small box that leaves about a half inch between the wall and the piece you want to cast, fill it up halfway, press the mask into the silicone, and let it dry. After it's dry, cut off the excess silicone inside of the mask, touch a rod of some sort to the mask (make sure that it's wide enough to let whatever material you're casting flow into it), and fill the box the rest of the way up. Once that dries, you should be able to carefully pry the top half off and remove the mask, and have a decent enough mold. I would ask this guy, as they're definitely the best mask molder around at the moment.

Thin your paints and apply a lot of layers. It takes longer, but leaves no streaks. You also might want to check out this topic.


Oh wow! Thanks! :smile:

I think this topic can be of great service to you:


Thanks @Hautaka and @MrCod!

Does anybody know the melting point for the plastic Bionicle masks are made of? Specifically the Noble Huna? Making a sand mold sounds interesting.