How Can I Make Custom Mask Molds?

I think if you want to clarify what you’re asking, @Hautaka, you could rename the topic “How Can I Make Custom Mask Molds”. :wink:

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I suggest that you go check out TheKingofRandom’s YouTube channel, he’s been doing a lot of silicone molding.

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Can anyone give me some tips on how to avoid brush marks when painting masks with acrylic paint?

@PakariNation99 Funny story, @Plural actually already changed the name. I’ll change it.
@Matanui606 I’ve seen his videos, but I’m just wondering, how do I make silicone molds from objects (such as Bionicle masks in this case) with holes in them?
Also, where did you guys find this topic? Since when it was moved from Off Topic, I can’t find it in Creative Content.


My suggestion would be to make a two part mold; make a small box that leaves about a half inch between the wall and the piece you want to cast, fill it up halfway, press the mask into the silicone, and let it dry. After it’s dry, cut off the excess silicone inside of the mask, touch a rod of some sort to the mask (make sure that it’s wide enough to let whatever material you’re casting flow into it), and fill the box the rest of the way up. Once that dries, you should be able to carefully pry the top half off and remove the mask, and have a decent enough mold. I would ask this guy, as they’re definitely the best mask molder around at the moment.

Thin your paints and apply a lot of layers. It takes longer, but leaves no streaks. You also might want to check out this topic.


Oh wow! Thanks! :smile:

I think this topic can be of great service to you:


Thanks @Hautaka and @MrCod!

Does anybody know the melting point for the plastic Bionicle masks are made of? Specifically the Noble Huna? Making a sand mold sounds interesting.

As an engineering student who has studied sand casting, this probably won’t work. Well it could, but not with common play sand. The kind of sand used for commercial sand casting is silica sand, which is EXTREMELY fine, and also not cheap form what I understand. Also, even if it did work, there would be A LOT of clean-up to do.

Hmm. Ok. I actually know someone in person who knows how to plaster mold. I also found a tutorial on how to make a metal foundry, therefore I can make a mask out of metal!

Now that could work, although I would suggest perhaps making a silicone mold first, then using that to make a wax copy of the mask, which you could then use to make a plaster mold. Wax js a lot easier to burn out of the plaster mold, plus this way you can make as many metal (or plastic) masks as you want without having to destroy the original every time.

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I agree.
Does anyone know of any silicone molding kits that I could buy? I also don’t want to spend too much money, so…
Any suggestions?

As far as kits, I don’t know, most of the stuff I’ve seen tends to be bulk silicone that you do whatever you want with. That being said, whatever else you might need is very situational depending on what you want to make a mold of. In your case you will need to make two part molds to make masks due to the aformeantioned hole in them, for that you will need something like clay to fill the inside of the mask while you caste the first half of the mold, as well as something to create a barrier between the two halves while you pour the second one so that it doesn’t bond to the first. Here’s a great video by Tested in making a two part mold:

You could take a clay mold of the front and back of the mask, let it harden, put silicone in both ends/put a lot in one end and place the other on top. And then do the steps to make it harden if there are any depending on the brand. I once tried it, it wasn’t with a mask though, just a normal Lego 2x4 brick. It turned out pretty well.

Well guys, I went birthday shopping and I got a load of molding stuff.

  • Molding Putty (what I’ll use first)

  • Silicone molding kit

  • Clear Epoxi stuff

  • Powders to put in the epoxi.
    (green/purple color-changing, purple)

I don’t know if I should close this topic because I have ideas already, but if it goes wrong, I can ask you guys.

Hello again. I have a small amount of expierence in mold making.
Here are my attempts to recreate the protector mask using several differant resins and metal powders in a two part mold.

The way I made the first part of the mold was by filling in the back side of the mask with Plasticine. The end result should look something like this.

Use a pen to add the indented holes to help the two parts of the mold fit together.

The next step was to create the box into which I could pour the silicone. This was done using corrigated plastic and hot glue. You pour the silicone into the box and let it set.

Once set, use a knife on the hot glue to open the box and take the mold and plasticine block out. Remove all plasticine from the block while being careful not to pry the mask away from the silicone since this can affect the final product.

Once all of the plasticine is removed, paint a layer of Vaselene over the silicone. Make sure to get the silicone that can be seen in the mask as well such as the eyes. Then recreate the box around the mold and pour in silicone to fill out the other side of the mold. Once set you should have a complete mold like this.

To make the air holes I made a large needle (like those used for injections but 100 times larger.) out of a old telescoping radio antenae.

I used this to put holes through the mold for the air to escape. It is important that you do this on areas where bubbles will form. Indicated on the protector mask by the blue circles, and where the head clips where.

Once this is done you can pour a small amout of resin into the negative of the mask and push the second part down. This will cause a little bit of flashing but that is easy to clean off. Alternatively you can put the two mold pieces together and pour the resin into one of the air holes.
Hope that helps, can’t wait to see what you make.


would anybody here know how to create a mold using clay?

That’s what i’m gonna say
use 2 clay (square)
smash it together(mask in the middle)
Now you got the mold


I’m actually making a mask mold right now with silicone. I did use clay for one half.