How canon are the story bibles?

Are any material from the various story bibles and style guides on the Biomedia project that did not appear in any media other than the story bibles and guides canon? For example the 2004 story bible on there mentions disk collectors but these never appeared in any other media, would they be considered canon?


Since they were made before the story I’d say no, even if they helped in shape the story they will inherently have some canonizity but it wouldn’t make them canon. Think of them as a alpha version of the story.

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It does violate it. You just got a warning for this.

I apologise, I posted out of an instinct to help. I see a lot of non-direct-answering posts on this board (inc the one above mine). Would it be possible for those posts that do violate the rules to have an emboldened note on them akin the double posts, so it’s clear what sort of posts are suitable?

The poster was also given a warning for that as well.

It is harsh, and it is purely because of the sheer influx of people that keep breaking the rule. We were lenient for too long. The grace period is over.

We can look into that, but what types of posts are suitable is written very clearly in the rule.

Okay thanks Eljay; I appreciate the update re practice being realigned more closely with policy.