How come the Bionicle TV show isn't on Cartoon Network?

Like all of lego’s other tv shows. (except for Hero Factory)

Because Cartoon Network hates LEGO and wants BIONICLE to end.



Because the Mixels show is far more interesting.


I think that LEGO is using JTO as an experime

nt to see if a Netflis show is feasible.



Because BIONICLE is reserved for the little 10 year old of a stature so high only Netflix can satisfy their desire of a BIONICLE show.

that or Cartoon Network is full of geewunners, I’ll go with the latter.


As a geewunner myself, I can confirm that what SwagMeister says about Cartoon Network is 100% true. There are only 151 Pokémon and if you say otherwise you are wrong!


Because Cartoon Network hates quality.


At this point I don’t think we have enough information to really give a definitive answer, but perhaps Bionicle isn’t sharing the space with on CN with other Lego shows is because the style and tone so different than Ninjago or Nexo Knights. By separating itself from the other Lego shows Journey to One has a higher chance of being viewed more as its own thing instead of the odd show out.


Because more people have Netflix maybe?

I agree. Plus CN doesn’t like too serious of cartoons so they end up canceling them. If JtO has a serious in tone show similar to a show like young justice then CN would defiantly not be the place to air it


CN has Steven Universe and Adventure Time so I don’t really see why they wouldn’t get JtO

It’s a Netflix original, that means LEGO has agreed to not get a contract other than with agreed companies (most likely Amazon) They probably didn’t agree to have a contract with CN.

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It’s probably because Netflix has really boomed and Lego wants on that train. It makes sense that they try out their show in an Internet platform then the dying platform of tv. It’s probably just more sound for business.


Well, Netflix will fund just about anything once. If it’s a Netflix original (which it is) it probably means that no other networks wanted it.

Seeing as how Bionicle is a reboot that even Lego is being cautious with, it’s understandable from a business standpoint why a network wouldn’t want to risk the money…


Does Cartoon Network still have that guy who hates action shows in charge still?