How could i create a Cat head?

Im trying to make a Cat companion for my Self-moc (Not copying Play stippling) But i dont have any type of Cat head. and the only kind of CCBS heads i have is G2 heads. and i dont even think they make Cat heads. and if they do Link me to one on Bricklink or Ebay.

The cats Body


How big is it supposed to be? I’m guessing about the size of a Toa head since you mentioned the G2 heads…
If I were you, I’d custom build it around part 93571 (it’s that T part that the CCBS version of the old hands… It has one ball joint and 3 axle connections). I’ll edit this post if I come up with anything more specific, as now I’m going to try and build a cat head.

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I Have one of those but how could i build a cat head with it?

Something like this maybe?


Yeah whats the heads part ID

It’s custom built

@DinosaursUnited I uploaded a picture

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Thanks, I’m working to come up with something for you

Okay, it’s not the most epic cat head, but it’s something.

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Do you have any other ideas? i dont have one of those Top things

Do you have any HF parts or a “Mata foot”?
(I have more ideas than this, they’re just my top two right now )

Yeah its yellow though

I’m assuming you don’t want a yellow headed cat, and I’m moving on to a G2 Toa foot… Before I get too far, do you have an available one in a good color?

I’d recommend getting some smaller system parts- like cheese slopes or those little roundish claw plate things for the ears.

Yeah its a Gunmetal foot and he has some gunmetal on him

This version is mildly tolerable, but you get the idea of how it could go. Basically flip around a gen 2 foot and play around with parts until it looks decent.


… Why do you think i cant make gear bots? i cant find any of my bulb peices. so whats the way with the Mata Foot

I actually have no clue what a gearbot is… Also I’ve never actually built a cat head out of (anything, really) bionicle, so these are all firsts for me too.

Okay, Mata foot and last idea

Looks kind of like a reindeer at the moment, but with shorter ears should look better.

Maybe just make it system?

Idk how i would do that.

I’d recommend you take a look at this design for inspiration, but don’t forget to credit @Sammythekat for the design if you use it