How Did Matoran Eat?

We know they ate rahi and other animals and fruit, but did they do so with their mouths? That would imply they’d have to remove their masks. Did the masks have openings around the mouths like in the movies?


I do believe they “ate” through their hands.

They didn’t so much as eat as adsorb energy from food sources.

From BS01:

“Matoran have the ability to eat by coming into physical contact with an energy-bearing object such as a fruit, berry, or fish.”

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They didn’t “eat”, the absorbed energy through their hands.

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That’s true, but didn’t Maze of Shadows mention Nokama specifically putting the healing herb in her mouth?

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It did, and eating by mouth is also an option for MU beings, but they tend to prefer the hand method, as chewing food orally is considered disgusting to them. It’s possible that the herb needed to be consumed orally to dispense its antidote. Additionally, Nokama also used her mouth to taste the water surrounding Mata Nui when they first explored the island (she didn’t like it much).

As a fun side note, I’ve always headcanoned that a reason why Matoran dislike Skakdi is that they have such large teeth, and that they only eat with their mouths, making them even more repellant to other beings.