How did we never realized this [Bionicle Theory]

As we all know Bionicle is a two fold allegory

One for Christian Faber’s fight against a brain tumor in 1999-2000 and Greg Farshtey’s struggle with Type 2 Diabetes

So naturally Bionicle is very much a statement to take care of your body but more I think about it the more I realized that it wasn’t just these basic elements that formed the allegory for the story. It seems there’s more I found to it

Mata Nui leaving Spherus Magna to explore the world: Leaving the hectic life of home and college to explore the world and its wonders to learn from its benefits and mistakes to build a better life for you and your loved ones.

Makuta: a combination of a virus and/or type 2 diabetes or any form of ailment from not taking care of yourself properly

The Great Cataclysm and the quest of the Toa Mata: Falling into a coma and/or needing to take a pill to root out the infection or ailment

Mata Nui’s death and Matoro’s Sacrifice: Performing CPR after you briefly ‘died’

Toa reawakening Mata Nui: waking from coma

Getting exiled from his body and exploring Bara Magna: Trying to adjust to a new body and see how much the world has changed after one has been in a long coma

Defeating Makuta: Beating cancer or any ailment or disease plaguing you for so long

Toa/other lifeforms: Anti Bodies in various stages of life.

Like realizing this now makes me have a greater appreciation for this fledgling line as we near its 20th anniversary


Uhhhh, we knew this already.

"For Faber, the inspiration for this new, illustrated narrative came from his recently diagnosed brain tumor. The tumor was benign, but it would spread if he didn’t take a daily injection of medication. Reflecting on the illness that fired his imagination, Faber “had the thought that when I took these injections, I was sending a little group of soldiers into my body, fighting on my behalf to rebuild my system. Then it all just came together.”

Faber imagined the toy canisters as vials of medicine drifting toward the head of a giant, comatose robot that was infected with a virus. The medicine’s active ingredient was an army of nano-size creatures that arrived in pill-shaped capsules, entered the titan’s body, and fought to liberate it from the virus. The story played out in a microscopic world, but for its “part-organic, part-machine” inhabitants, the scale was sweepingly vast.

Faber provided visual depictions of the island and its inhabitants and also suggested to his colleagues at LEGO a name for the new toy: Bionicle, a combination of the words biological and chronicle ."
-Excerpt from Brick by Brick by David C. Robertson, on the creation of Bionicle.

The things that came after 03’ don’t necessarily fit but they do work.


I mean some of this is news to me (like the CPR and recovering from a coma allegory)