How Did You Discover TTV?

Early 2014, my 12 year old self I looked up Lego 2015 on YouTube and found meso and eljay talking about the possibility of bionicle coming back. I kept looking and and eventually came across the podcast talking about the pic and then subscribed

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I found TTV through random searching on YouTube while increadibly bored. The funny thing is that it took almost a year for me to join the boards...

I think I was on a Bionicle nostalgia kick when I first saw their videos. I think it was either an Autopsy that drew me in, or one of the old 2015 leaks.

Well, I was a bionicle loving thirteen year old who recently got a YouTube account looking for Bionicle Videos when I stumbled across this YouTube series called something like "Eli's Look back reviews" on the 2003 Matoran. I kinda liked it, and decided to check out the rest of the video on there, such as the podcast and "On Ebay Today" Two years later, well, here I am.

When did you guys start watching TTV and why did it catch your eye? I have been watching since they had about 40 over 3,00 subscribers. I found them and subscribed because I saw their BioCraft ad and wanted to see the final product. Anyways, I have no idea if that is still in production but I am glad I stuck with this cool group of guys, (and gals, you are loved Viper and Purps. <3)
How about you fellows?

Wow you sure do make a lot of topics my friend.

I started watching TTV back when the Message board first came up. I didn't really care to much for being social back then so I never joined the boards back then.

I just like there personality's, and they made me laugh when I really needed it. They have actually gotten me through some really rough patches in my life man.

I believe that was a year and a half ago right, or have I been watching TTV way longer then I thought?

What about prpldragon. I don't care if she just a crew member, she been on a lot of podcast lately and the Ninjago videos. She deserve a mention at least...

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I started watching them late 2014 when I found out about bionicle returning. I think when I started watching it was right after NYCC. They were releasing their reviews of the sets and, well, it was way better than BZP. The rest is history.

around late 2013, liked the people and their content

then came the faithful day of the black and white bionicle leak, been with them ever since


I started when the leaks of the suggested return of Bonkle came out. My friend said, "Here is this channel, follow them." "Akay" I replied. The 122nd and 123rd episode was listened by me at least 5 or 6 times. I can still laugh the crap outta myself on these two.

I found them when i was looking for 2015 leaks if i remember well.

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Pretty sure I started watching through the Bionicle Autopsies before the leaks.

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Funny thing is
I actually discovered them a while back, sometime in 2013, through their Biocraft Chronicles videos. But I didn't really follow any of their other content at the time, not until the 2014 leak.


Searching for Bionicle building inspiration on Google late summer --> found the black-and-white pic of the display thing.

Got hyped.

Searched for Bionicle on iTunes --> found CubsBricks --> found TTVPodcast (but back then they had none of the newer episodes) and listened to a bunch of the old episodes.

Enjoyed the humor.

Eventually looked up more Bionicle stuff on Google and found this site after it had been up for a few months --> joined January 2015.

And so I'm here.



I was trying to find reviews of the 2001 sets for a while and came across them a few years ago and watched them off and on and only recently started watching all there content

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I found them and started following them when they first reported on the 2015 leaks, but I might have found them before then.


My story is a little weird.

I was involved way back in the day with a ridiculously tiny site called that me and a few others had pretty high hopes for. At one point, very briefly, @Eljay had something to do with their project, and I heard about TTV's videos through him. That would have been back in March or April of 2014.

An unimaginable amount of nostalgia is spreading through me right now. :slight_smile:

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It was when the 2015 leaks started to appear. I was just feeling nostalgic one night and decided to look up bionicle, and I saw a ttv video about the 2015 leaks.


Well I found out due to the recaps

I think I was just combining random things I like on youtube (LEGO Legend of Zelda, stuff like that) and I searched 'Minecraft BIONICLE' and came upon Biocraft. After waiting for infinity for it to come out I started checking out other shows, On eBay Today and The Recap Reviews were my first ones I think. Eventually I decided to check out the podcast and after about 10 episodes I'd finally managed to work out whatr the hell was happening.

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I stumbled across TTV when I was watching some BIONICLE videos on YouTube a few years back. (Maybe 2013ish)