How Did You Discover TTV?

So yeah, another question topic :stuck_out_tongue:

I came across these chumps after someone on the LMBs mentioned something called Bionicle Autopsy. The title piqued my interest and I went to youtube to discover this. So I found the What if Bionicle had never ended? episode and thought, “This guy knows what he’s talking about.” It went from there :stuck_out_tongue:


Through word of mouth around 2013, actually. Only started watching podcasts around June of '14. You can all thank the inactive @Kaanfight for that.

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I discovered TTV through the initial 2015 rumor video on the Eurobricks forum, which Meso himself linked to. Couple months later, I started watching some of their other videos.

Initially I discovered them from listening to the 2011 MakutaFest and I went to peruse their BioCraft vids, to see if they had delivered it. As we all know, they had not done so by then, so I lost interest.

Skip forward a year or two to when I was browsing YouTube for Hero Factory/BIONICLE stuff, and, lo and behold, I bump into Meso’s video about the 2014 HF sets.
You can guess where it went from there.



are you me?

This is literally the same way I found TTV, same video and everything. Well, except the LMB part. It seemed interesting when I first saw it, but what really struck me as interesting was when I looked at when the video was published: June 26th, 2013. Granted, this was a while back from when I first saw TTV (I wanna say around Nov 2013), but the fact that Bionicle was still being preserved astounded me. I watched another Autopsy video, then saw that they had a Bionicle-Minecraft project, which seemed cool to me. On a whim, I watched one of their podcast episodes, and fell in love with the crew. (Metaphorically speaking of course.)


I discovered them through Autopsy and after I watched that I wondered “Hmm, maybe they make other things too.” So I then discovered the at the time still going on MNOG LP. And then I subscribed.

I discovered them through BIONICLE Autopsy, though I might have seen their content earlier when they announced Biocraft.

The Bonkles 2015 hype

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My sister actually found the Autopsy videos just before the leaks started.
Then episode 107 came out and the rest is history.

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I found TTV by watching a Hero Factory Episode with the Fire Villains.

I just typed bionicle in the youtube search and one of the results was a bionicle autopsy. I thought it was just Var, so when I watched on ebay today right after I was so confused. :tomato: :mens: :smile_cat: :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw The biocraft tour thing subscribed than watched some podcasts. Have been hooked since.

BIONICLE Autopsy. Been on the channel ever since the first episode aired.


I don’t remember.

All I remember is seeing a guy with a crappy Miru on chasing me in an alleyway.


I saw TTV Autopsy before, so that’s when I discovered TTV, but I got into it during the 2015 hype with prototype pics. I saw a link on FB to one of their videos.

I found out TTV when I was on youtube and searching up BIONICLE and I came across BIONICLE autopsy Did HF kill BIONICLE.

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BZP, back when they had a topic there.

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I’ve known TTV since the first biocraft trailer but I didn’t watch much of their content. It was the start of the recap reviews I really got on board.


Uhm… You what?

Lol, I know what you meant, but… yeah. =P


i saw an episode of on ebay today, and i started wacthing there vids

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