How Did You Discover TTV?

Like so many others, I joined when that Black and white image came out. However, I watched BIONICLE Autopsy and BIOcraft before that, and I only more recently connected the thr33.


Heard about Biocraft in 2012, was loving it, and then I checked back every month and stalked the community. Then later I got a YouTube channel, and ultimately forgot about TTV until about a year and a half ago, subbed and didn't actually watch an entire podcast until 70 or something, and I regret never doing so before. It was hilarious, and so here I am, on the Boards.

I found Bionicle Autopsy in 2013, then found On Ebay Today, which finally led to me finding TTV.

through Eljay's recap review for Tahu Mata, at about March of this year, I had a bit of Nostalgia kicking in

I heard Var's cancer curing laugh across the winds of the internet, and, with some difficulty, found my way to the wondrous island of TTV Nui. There I.....

.....not cutting it?


I was searching up Minecraft videos and thought, "hey, what if there are BONKLE Minecraft videos? I searched it up and found the original Biocraft videos. I watched em all and the rest is history.

(this was slightly before they released the first Biocraft trailer, I believe)


This is crazy... This is what happened to me too, same video and everything, but it was around the 2015 black and white leak and a friend told me about the channel.

I discovered ttv, all the way back when they started biocraft

but I ignored them, I just thought meh

forward a couple years

I found the..uh was it the first chima coverage

Then I started watched the podcast at one of the most ironic podcast titles ever

And for some reason, I didnt make a youtube acc until the year after, this year
actually, real early this year


This topic is very interesting to read. I'LL CHIME IN WITH MY TWO CENTS:

I found it because I was on a chatroom, and just so happened to be online when everybody was asked if they wanted to join a podcast. The rest is history. stuck_out_tongue



I first discovered TTV a few weeks after "The LEGO Movie" came out. I was browsing through YouTube looking for "LEGO Movie" videos when I stumbled across a video entitled "Return of BIONICLE / End of Hero Factory in 2015?!?!". Technically, that's the first TTV video I've ever watched. Later, I stumbled acrossed "BIONICLE Autopsy", and it was so well documented I couldn't get enough of it. It sounded professional, it's crazy. And that inspired me to go read the digital copies of the comic books as PDF files from BioMediaProject in case BIONICLE's 2015 revival was a continuation, not to mention I had to buy the other BIONICLE movies and watch the old commercials and such. And before I finished reading all of the BIONICLE comics, the black and white leaked image appeared. When I was watching TTV episode 107, I was able to understand what they were saying, from Lhikan to the Visorak to the Great Beings. After that, then I decided to start following TTV. So I started watching their other videos. And when I watched the let's play highlight video of Meso playing MNOG, I died laughing. It was SO HILARIOUS that I had to pause the video for about 5 minutes because I was laughing so hard. And that pure comedy aspect was evident in their episodes. Even when there's no BIONICLE news, I always enjoy that "pure comedy"—WAY better than what the guys at the Funny Bone Comedy Club promised. But that's another topic.


I found....ed it (see what I did there?) after listening to a Harry Potter podcast called "MuggleCast" and wondered to myself why we didn't have a BIONICLE podcast yet.


No, no, this is good. Build on this :stuck_out_tongue:


Back on 2012, I would be on iTunes.
I somehow stumbled across The old, old TTV Podcasts.
I thought the BZP Podcast was for scrubs and preferred TTV.
Then I found the YT Channel either that year or early 2013.


Well I first found it while looking for BZP and saw the Monopolization of BZP autopsy. Well, I didn't actually watch it then stuck_out_tongue . But after being on BZP for a couple weeks and finding I highly disliked it, I did watch it, but I didn't know it was part of a channel then.

My next encounter was on Biomedia project when I saw they did a podcast with them. Shamefully, after listening to it and enjoying it, I still did not follow the channel.

Then finally, the hype train got me in to the channel and I discovered all the great stuff they had to offer. I really wish I would have started following them earlier, because now I feel like I'm "one of those guys who just knows about TTV from Bio2015", but better late then never.


Biocraft. I'm not sure how I stumbled on it, but somehow I did, and then I started following the channel. Glad I did, TTV, you guys rock.

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Finding TTV was quite the excitement for me.
I had just gotten back into the BIONICLE in late 2013. Deciding to watch the Eljay's recap reviews, I stumbled across Biocraft, and decided to watch some autopsies. The rest is history.

You know, now I'm not so ashamed I just got here when Bio2015 hype started and I'm just glad I didn't end up here for Biocraft. stuck_out_tongue

I found it when I think it was 2010 i think on bzp and the fans were all leaving and I saw a topic about a podcast and saw they were interviewing people and talking about the fans and story and thought it was a really neat idea at the time. I kept watching for a long time and even asked a question in as they were fans of Red Vs Blue and they put it on air but that was years ago I slowly watched like every two months or so then I got backto watching when the greg interview popped up and watched all the time as the personality of the cast was really well put and made me really enjoy watching them.

I discovered TTV through MakutaFest (MakutaFeet?) a while back. Good times, good times...


I discovered TTV when I found their Invictus Analysis videos and I was like man this guy is funny


I was looking at old Bionicle videos and stumbled Bionicle Autopsy much to my delight.

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