How did Zane get his elemental powers?

What do you mean?

I feel like there’s another theory to be made

regarding how Morro retained his powers even as a spirit, thus not needing flesh and bone to manifest them, as he could even while using Lloyd’s flesh and bone

but I can’t connect the dots as much as I wish I could.

Cole uses his powers as a ghost as well.


I ment that the old masters powers whent to someone or in this case somthing else sorry about the confusion i am using a phone so ya it is a job to get things right

I mean, Bionicle characters are part robot, so why is it any different for Zane to have elemental powers.

Because Lego.

Actually it’s because in Bionicle

Elemental powers are built in

here, there’s a more mystic element to things

and mysticism and machinery usually take some doing to mix, especially when powers are supposedly passed by blood.

which machines don’t have.

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Well in G2 they have magic. So…

It’s called plot connivence.

Ninjago relies a lot on “destiny”. Maybe the elements must be continued at all costs?
So here’s my two theories:

1.) “destiny” passed the ice power onto Zane, in order to continue the elemental generations. A bit of a stretch.

2.) The master of ice was dying/retiring. So he/she transferred a piece or all of his/her power to Zane. This power most likely went directly to Zane’s power source. And that can be why Zane is so unique.

Personally, I think his creator imbued him with his powers. The creator basically made him as a son, so that.

@Nyran I do like the second reason, and it could bring a great plot if it was true. But we aren’t getting an explanation anytime soon.

Well what I think is that in hands of time you see an old man with the elemental power of ice. Now remember the time twins were the elemental masters of time and their powers were put into the time blades then Chen put most of the elemental masters powers inside the crystal thing so they basically can put their powers in certain things and also even though Zane is a robot doesn’t mean he can’t have powers because morrow was a ghost but still had power of wind cole and like some sort of half ghost human thing and still has his powers so I think that old man with the power of ice didn’t have children and gave it to dr. Julian and dr. Julian put it in a crystal thing and that is what gave sane the elemental power or the old man then had dr. Julian then dr. Julian didn’t have kids so put the power in a crystal and put it in zane and if that were true you might be going but hey it later on got destroyed when zane died but it’s a elemental power so I thing when zane unlocked his true potential or got golden power the power of ice would then somehow stay with him forever with no need of the crystal

Hi, im new here… I saw this topic and decided to share my own opinion on this. My theory is that Zane gets his powers from his power source (someone already said this, @SaburrTooth) but where did that power source come from? the original elemental master of ice can be seen in the episode, in hands of time, where Wu is explaining Krux and Acronix’s origin. as seen in the episode hes not a young person. knowing that he would need to pass on his elemental powers he absorbed his elemental power into something like Chrono steel (the same metal that the time blades are made of) to someone he trusts… someone who is good with robots… Dr.Julian. the original master of ice probably requested for julian to create a robot to continue his legacy, Thus Zane was created. but then how does he still have his powers after he died defeating the overlord??? well im not to sure about that… pixal could have returned the power source that zane had given to her in rebooted episode three, or his power source was not destroyed and he recovered it after the battle and after being rebuilt before being captured by ronin (shadow of ronin video game).

so thats my view on this, hope this was good enough for a first post. :slight_smile:

In response to all of this, I would like to mention that at the 2016 SDCC Panel, there was two kids who had an idea for how to explain Zane’s powers, and the Hageman Brothers are gonna be using that in Season 8. :wink: Also, those 2 kids were at the SDCC panel this year. :wink:


Maybe his power source is the compressed cremated remains of the Master of Ice.

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What I think happened is that the Master of Ice saw Zane’s potential and influenced Dr. Julien to make Zane’s core out of the same material that the Time Blades were made of. This allowed the Master of Ice to bestow his powers upon Zane.

The master of ice visited Zane and his “father” and passed his element on to him

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