How do I create a podcast?

Can anyone tell me what’s the easiest and hardest way to create a podcast, and what tools do you need to make one?

Please let me know because I'm planning to create a podcast for my YouTube channel.

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Step 1. Be able to talk
Step 2. become friends with someone who can do all the work for you.


I am stuck on this part


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@Pot8o well becoming friends should be simple enough, but the question i need is: what is reqired for a podcast?

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A good quality mic, a computer, Skype or some other kind of computer chat program, people to join your podcast.

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@Waj Oh, sorry about editing it, didn’t realize that you were actually one of the TTV members. I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel, and I like your podcasts, so I thought that you could tell me what I need in order to make a podcast. Since, I want to do one for my youtube channel (I’m also a Bionice/HeroFactory YouTuber who just wants to improve and get more attention. I’ve also got a Bionicle fan group on Google+ that you can feel free to check out :smile:)

@Booster_Gold Thanks, but I also wanna be able to record it and put it on YouTube. So, how do I do that?

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As for recording and posting to YouTube, you could ask someone that’s on a podcast.


First step: Acquire hardware. (decent microphone)
Second step: Acquire a group of people you’ll probably begin to hate a few months from now.
Third step: shoot all your competitors into the sun with a giant slingshot
Fourth step: ???
Fifth step: Profit


We at the CHC are stuck at this step, BTW.


Clarification: I’m a Staff member for the TTV Message boards, I am not part of the TTV YouTube channel.

Anyway, my advice is two-fold. There’s the technical part, and the content part.

In terms of technicalities, I suggest you purchase a microphone, instead of using an in-built one. Varderan actually made a blog post about what microphones the cast members use for the TTV Podcast, so I suggest you give that a read. Personally, I use an <a href=“”>Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone. Also, you are going to need some way to communicate with your cast members, like Skype or Google Hangouts. To record your audio, you can use Audacity. Just get all your cast members to download Audacity, and when you’re recording simply sync all of your voices together in a video editing program like Sony Vegas, or iMovie.

In terms of content, I suggest improving your speech skills. Take a public speaking class if you can. It will help improve the quality of your discussions. Also, try and branch out from Lego or Bionicle discussion. Sometimes limiting yourself to what you know can be a smart move, but experiencing new things can make your discussions much more deep and intriguing.

Lastly, (I know this is cliché but,) be unique. There are many podcasts out there. So try and figure out some way to differentiate yourself from them.

I hope that helps. :smiley:

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… how does one record a podcast and edits said recording?

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As I said before.

When you are in Skype or Google Hangouts, you tell your cast members to click the record button on Audacity all at once (after a countdown, usually), so that the audio is easily sync-able.

After the podcast is over. You ask the various members to send you their audio recordings. Then you take those recordings, and put them into Sony Vegas (or another video editing program), and you proceed to put together your podcast.


Skype,time(riparoni my Cliffhorse postion), and a few friends(hopefully at least one with editing skills).


Step 1; Find a subject you enjoy talking about
Step 2; Find a few other peoples to talk about it with
Step 3; Record yourself and the others talking about whatever it is you enjoy while being aware of the level of maturity you want the podcast to have (E.g. avoiding swearing/crude humour?)

That’s pretty much it, in terms of editing just add a few images, though most podcast listeners don’t watch the video and just listen to the audio


Dude my 2 steps were totally better :stuck_out_tongue:


The most important part of a podcast is not to podcast simply because you want to be recognized by it. Do it because you want to talk about what the podcast is about.

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@Booster_Gold oh alright,

@LQ1998 i know that, the purpose of the podcasts is simply gonna be to have some fun with friends and to have some interesting content on my channel

@Waj well thanks for the advice realy do appreciate it:)

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The best advice I can give is cultivate the ability to talk on end about anything while making it entertaining. If you can get people who just like to here your opinions, audio quality can come later. But that said, you will need a good mic that allows people to understand you :stuck_out_tongue: So, just follow @Waj’s suggestions there :stuck_out_tongue:

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