How do I enter my red star great into the fanon contest?

Someone is trying to ask me if it’s ok to upload the Engineer into the next fanon contest as there own. I’m posting this here in case they try and I need one of you to help.

Keep in mind they did change their answer beforehand now it’s something different.

The current fanon contests are run by DuckBricks, not TTV, so the TTV staff probably can’t do much for you
But if someone does try to submit a moc that doesn’t belong to them, I’m sure DuckBricks or his moderators would take action

What did the message say before it was edited?


When the Next fanon contest comes out, can I use you moc as an entry? I will give credit?


So, just to be clear, you haven’t provided any proof that this Joel P Dordan actually said that and then edited it to the currently screencapped message. However, there is a really simple and easy way to prevent anyone from potentially stealing it.

Post it in the Duckbricks server.

Doesn’t have to be a contest entry, just post it in the discord server as something you made. That way, when the contest rolls around, and someone potentially shows up trying to use your work, you’ll not only be able to cry foul but have documented evidence proving it’s yours.


I tried to take a picture but he changed it mind second when I took it. My phone is an old junk too so that doesn’t help either.


Even the picture you got should work as proof, since it shows acknowledgement that it’s your build.

What platform was this on?


Facebook. It’s on the group page bionicle group page.