How Do I Transfer an Image from a 3DS to the Computer?

This topic is so that i can ask for help in getting images from the Legend of Chima: Laval's Journey game, over to my computer.

You all see, in Laval's Journey, there are more characters and non named enemies that make an appearance (all of which can be played in the game) and well if any of you who are reading this have seen my Legend of Chima minifigure topic:

You can see why i want images from the game with those characters.

Many of those characters use an original printing that you most likely have not seen on a Chima minifigure before.

so do anyone know how to take images from the game and then put them on the computer?

Probably use an SD card in the 3ds, then. Just put the SD card into your PC.


1: Start your game and get to the part of the game you want to take a picture of.
2: Press the home button
3: Got to miiverse
4: Try posting (in the game's section of miiverse), the image in your game should be the same as the one available for posting.
5: Post
6: Go on your computer and find the miiverse game section.
7: Find your post and save the image to your computer.


nope, i was not able to take a picture, it seems like the Miiverse have change, and i was not able to find a way to take an image of the Legend of Chima section i was in.

So i think i must do the SD card thing, but i don't really understand how that would work, seeing how i have never been able to take an image of Laval's Journey.

If someone could please show me how its done, that would be great.

Perhaps I didn't explain it well, because I know for a fact that you can take a screenshot and post it in miiverse.

Here's a link to the original explanation:

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nope, i still could not take the image i wanted, i could not find a "post" button in the miiverse, not could i take an image just by pressing the L&R buttons, nor did it work when i used the Y& up button thing.

Infact, i could not find a Legend of Chima Laval's Journey section on the Miiverse.

the only way i can see this working now is if i had an emulator, but i have not been able find one that works.

The only thing I can think of is... well... using a camera to take a photo of the image on your 3ds. I know this is really not going to be good quality at all but... yeah. Or you could search the internet until you finally find images of these characters, maybe.

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