How do the Toa teams compare?

So the Nuva are obviously supposed to be more powerful than the Mata, but how do the other teams compare? Are the Metru/Mahri/Inika supposed to be as powerful as the Mata, or does each team vary in relative power level? Thanks!

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The way I understand it, this is roughly how they rank:

Hordika - No mask powers due to animalistic impulses and rage; could only use their elements via Rhotuka Launchers or by charging up other objects via Toa Tools. Possibly also slightly physically stronger, due to their mutations.

Mata/Metru/Mangai/Cordak - Roughly the same power level, though the Mangai formerly possessed the advantage of superior numbers. Otherwise, virtually the same in a Toa by Toa comparison. Standard power level for Toa.

Mahri - Similar to those directly above, just with the ability to breathe water as well as air now, due to the Ignika.

Hagah/Inika - The former wielded weaponry with their own Elemental Power Sources, due to their Elite status, and thus probably wouldn’t have depleted their energy reserves as much. Without them, they could pretty much be lumped into the second category as well. The latter had Organic Kanohi, and their Elemental Energy was infused with Non-Elemental Lightning by the Ignika, which was then lost when they were transformed into the Mahri.

Nuva - Enhanced Kanohi, greater Elemental Energy Reserves, and can set up delayed Elemental Blasts.

Chances are that this list isn’t entirely correct, but it should suffice as a decent starting point nonetheless.


I would wager that the Inika had more power than the Nuva, based on the fact that they were able to hold their own against the Piraka. The Nuva were probably more effective overall because of experience, but I think the Inika win on pure power.

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To make it even simpler, the ranking roughly goes:

  1. Toa Nuva
  2. everyone else
  3. Toa Hordika

This is glossing over small differences like improved Toa tools, extra abilities (elemental powers laced with lightning, etc.), mask powers, and so on. But the Toa Nuva have the most raw elemental power.

The Toa Nuva are still more powerful than the Toa Inika, but the Toa Inika had a better idea of what they were facing to begin with, whereas the Toa Nuva walked into an ambush (I think this is how Greg has argued it in the past). The Toa Inika also had Axonn on their side to contend with Brutaka; the Toa Nuva might have actually succeeded if Brutaka had not stepped in on the Piraka’s behalf.


Yeah, I had pretty much concluded this, but I’m mainly wondering about the difference between the Mata, Metru, and Mahri (water breathing aside).

Is there a “default” amount of power a Toa has, or does it vary even between ones that aren’t under special circumstances like the Nuva, Hordika, and Inika are?

Right, all Toa have the same base power level under normal circumstances, so I guess the short answer to your question is “there is no difference.” But there are usually more important factors at play – for example, the Toa Metru had much less experience than the Toa Mata. It’s a question that’s been asked before, but I’ll let Greg have the final word.

The answers given here are basically correct. It’s the Nuva and everyone else. I would also point out that you cannot look at 2006 and assume the Inika had more power than the Nuva … the Inika knew what they would be facing and were prepared for it, the Nuva did not. That makes a big difference in battle.


Oh boy here I go reviving a dead topic

It doesn’t come across that way in Island of Doom/Dark Destiny/Power Play though. In Island of Doom pretty much all the Toa Nuva together struggled to handle Reidak alone, and the rest of the Piraka slowly entered the fight upon realizing what was happening. Tahu and Gali even lose 1v1s to Zaktan and Hakann respectively. It could certainly be argued as an outlier display the team lacking coordination, but I don’t really see how they were ambushed.

Then we have the infamous Dark Destiny slapstick comedy tier scene of Brutaka OHKOing every Nuva with one blow. Pretty stupid, sure, but in Power Play it isn’t Axonn, but Hewkii alone who incapacitated Brutaka during the Inika’s first confrontation with the Piraka. Axonn holds off Brutaka later on, but Hewkii is the first individual we see defeat Brutaka in any of the novels.

If we scale the Inika to the Nuva just based on what happens on Voya Nui, it isn’t even close. The Inika have better team synergy (arguably justified, as they’ve been working together to some degree since they were Matoran while the Nuva still haven’t reached their '08 prime), instantly had control over their masks due to the intuitive organic nature (some of which were unfairly powerful, notably the Calix), and effectively all wielded two elements simultaneously. They were ludicrously powerful, to the point that one of the main challenges they faced in '07 was just the adaptation to their significantly downgraded aquatic forms.

But then again, word of god does say otherwise…