How do you build this leg to foot connection?

Trying to replicate this moc by Theunderscoreddouble but neither I or other people i asked know how to attach the technic block while making a connection for a ball joint. Anyone knows?

In this file someone made they just gave up and used this connection, but that doesn’t leave room to attach the technic block.
I pointed out the holes that the axles are supposed to be in.

This is the final configuration according to the picture. I thought about using some liftarms, but for the life of me i can’t figure out how to both connect the brick and some assembly to put a ball.

Again, a zoomed pic with the used holes pointed out, including that piece under the technic block which i can’t really identify, but you experienced builders might.

Thank you in advance!


I can’t be 100% certain, but I think this could be the solution


Oh my god how didn’t i think of that

Thank you so much man

Edit: just to be sure what’s the number of the orange piece?


Part 6356
Part 6536* @Walker_14 oops
I wish you luck on your quest to complete the Makuta


Thank you man

wait that’s not a part