How Do You Make Your Own Versions of Existing Superheroes?

This is not something I have seen discussed before…like, anywhere, but hey, you guys are nice, so here goes.

Superheroes are constantly changing everyday. There are versions upon versions upon versions of superhereoes like Spider-Man and Batman. So, who does one go about making they’re own version of different heroes?

This is a legitimate question I have had for awhile, as I would like to start writing these different characters with my own envisioning. So, if you have tips, tricks,drawings of your own versions or anything of the like for this topic, post them here, and help me answer the question in the topic title!

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This for your own created character or an already made one?

See title.

Ah misread that.
Hmm… For writing your own version I’d recommend looking for other versions of sad character with similarities with what you’re looking for so you get the basic idea of how they’d possibly act, look for similarities and differences in those versions and work them together, cancelling out or modifying parts of their personality that would conflict completely, then work your own ideas into what you’ve gotten and edit it until you feel happy with what you’ve got.

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Well my own take of MARVEL and DC characters are very different from the main universes counterparts, like how Batman and Joker might be actually brothers without no one knowing, and TMNT side of the question is similar, but more turtle power than the others.

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I rarely like writing Marvel or DC fanfiction because I feel like every idea I’d want for their character has been done, or I don’t want to change them because they’re perfect.

I usually don’t stray from the characters and instead put them in interesting situations, like Punisher getting the Carnage symbiote on him. That, for instance, would be quite the scary thought.



In a good or bad way?

It sounds awesome in a scared for my life kind of way.

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It’s simple. I open up a Marvel Masterworks book and steal from Jack Kirby.

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One thought i would probably have is making the character based on one aspect on their personality and building around it? If that makes any sense.