How do you organize your pieces?

How do you organize and store your parts, sets and legos?


Throw them semi randomly into bins.


I have a box… with all my pieces.



I dont

I just throw them in bags, boxes, etc.


I sort them into little drawers, and big drawers depending on the amount I have of each color.

Wuts dat?

I would organize my pieces, if I didn’t have more pieces than hairs on my head.

Heck, I don’t even organize pieces when building a new set.

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I have 15 main containers that I sort my pieces into:

-Blue/Black/Tan pins
-Those black circular pins that are like blue pins but without the axle part whose name escapes me
-Zamor Spheres
-Torso/Body pieces
-Technic parts
-Hands/Inika build connectors whose name I don’t know
-Small feet
-Big feet
-Weapons that aren’t swords
-“Armor” (basically misc. of anything that doesn’t fall under any of the above)

you might think I’m an organized person because of this

you’d be wrong

So you have roughly 100,000 pieces?



It’s a very simple process: I throw them all into one big bin and kick myself for it later.


I used to organize them in small plastic drawers by axles, legs, feet, etc.

Now they’re just in plastic bags in bin.


I organize by color. That’s it. Lego’s and technic/Bionicle/CCBS are kept separate.

I find the search for “that one freaking piece!” adds so much to set building and moccing for me that I can’t bring myself to organize.


also I’m lazy.

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I have a couple bins

  • one giant one for system stuff
  • the kind of container that baseplates come in for my minifigs and accessories
  • one for CCBS bones/hands/heads/feet
  • one for Bionicle skeletal pieces/hands/heads/eyestalks/feet with built in socket
  • one for everything technic
  • one for armor/helmets/feet without built in sockets
  • one for weapon type pieces
  • a tupperware for the dismembered 2015 sets to chill in while I MOC with their body parts (morbid, I know)

Organize? I must meditate upon this concept.


I have a couple of plastic boxes:
-Red/Dark Red
-Blue/Dark Blue/Light Blue
-Green/Dark Green/Lime
-Gray/Light Gray

Can someone tell me what “organizing” is?


I think it’s something people do when their not cool enough to dig through bins of Lego to find a piece

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ok, I finally got to organizing my pieces around thanksgiving of 2014. Originally it was just “throw them in a bin and pray that you find them again among the other bionicle pieces” (Course, that is still how my legos are, but Bionicles are orgainized) So it’s in this plastic drawer thing, well, multiple one. So in one drawer you got masks and heads, next its armor pieces, then axles and pins, then there’s technic pieces and gears, (those two drawers get used the most in my moc it seems) then you have this drawer that has torso pieces and tube-thingys. Next drawer has weapons of a melee assortment. Then you have this odd and ends drawer of bohrok shields and masks, shields, wing-like things, and piraka spines. Then you have an assortment of feet. After that there’s weapons that are projectile launchers. And finally, the big one, ball joint stuff! anything from limbs to hands to the connectors of ball joints to mata feet, all in there.
Does anyone else notice that we are discussing how we are organizing body parts?

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For my CCBS, I got shelves that are quickly becoming too small,
My G1 Bionicles go in some buckets,
And I just sort my bricks by color.

It’s simple… I don’t.

I just stick all the pieces in two plastic bins in a drawer. Me and Kylerak originally planned on a weapons/armor/kanohi section, but it took to long to organize, so now we just stick extra pieces in either box.

Also, I store my MOCs in a box, too.

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I just put them all in a box