How do you remove Mata Brain Pieces without breaking them?

Does anyone know how to remove a Mata Brain part that doesn’t use this method?

I have been using this Sealord75369’s (a random guy on the internet. IDK if I am allowed to link the vid, so just google his name and “How To Remove Eyes From A Toa Mata Head”) method for a while, and it seems like it is going to damage the old parts and I can’t replace them. Does anyone have a better way?

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I think sealords concept works well since i’ve tried it without breaking any pieces a several times in the past.

but this migth be a better option if you don’t want to use lego pieces

credit goes to Axelbro


I feel like this question has been answered elsewhere but I can’t find the topic so here you go.

Isnt it also potentially harming to use that method you just linked. Axels go through socket holes which can brake from the axel slipping out of those holes, which are already not the proper size for the axel…aka this is what people would call an illegal method and would advise caution to anyone who wants to attempt the process first.

I almost broke Onua Mata (it needed to be cleaned) today using the method I normally use. I really need to find the official way it’s supposed to be done.

I have a personal trick that involves my special mini screw driver.

You stick it in the slot at the connection and twist.

There isn’t one.


welp, ok then…

I’ve used it numerous times and nothing bad has happened. But I see what you mean.

Personally, I pretty much just use the ruler trick above with the dull end of my pocket knife, which allows me to simply wiggle the brainstalk free, since I have a perpendicular grip instead of the parallel one showed in the video.
Haven’t broken a single piece yet.

At worst, I think you just don’t wanna do it too many times to the same piece, or the “hooks” on the eyes will get worn down and they might not stick inside a head much at all anymore… or the head itself could be damaged as the eye holes wear down. In any case, I’ve been able to do it with a few pieces and they turned out fine. I just wouldn’t do it to them again if I can help it.


I only do it when I need to clean the sets.

Thanks for your help guys.

On another note, what weird, out there color combinations have you guys tried? I think a yellow eyestalk with a red head works great for fire characters.

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I’ve done light blue eyes with a blue mata head. It’s surprisingly satisfying.

Oooh. Care to post any pictures? Here’s an example of mine. Works well for this Toa Kapura, with the orange mask layered over it.


Unfortunately I have no access to it at this time. :confused:

It seems that if you used a red head and green eyes, and a red and green color scheme, you could make a Toa Christmas tree topper.

Ok guys don’t fret I have a way that works 100% for me never broke any parts with this and successfully used it 90+ times. just hook your middle finger around the bar in between technic liftarms on the viewers right on the image and slowly but surely pull horizontally. the parts for this contrapti0on don’t have to be exactly the same just make sure it follows the same functional concept and make sure the technic axle attaching to the stalk is long so the liftarm doesn’t have space to slip out.

Interesting, I’ll have to give it a shot.

I’ve been able to get them out before by cajoling it far enough out to wedge something between the stalk and the face, but this may work better.

This should be easier because the direction of the applied force is parallel to how the stalk must come out. Let me know how it works for you, also forgot to mention to clasp the Mata head on one side with your thumb and on the other side of the face with your folded inwards index finger, and with the hand that’s pulling out the talk: press your thumb on the top lift arm to make sure the stalk doesn’t get pushed upwards if not properly pulled horizontally.