How does a Skakdi of Psionics channel their element through their weapon?

So Skakdi (the Piraka and Nektann) have elemental powers but can only use them with a weapon or in conjunction with another Skakdi. From I’ve read so far in the Biosector01 website it seems that they usually launch a simple blast of some sort. Does this mean a Skakdi with psychic powers can only launch psychic blasts or do they have a full range, meaning that they can also read thoughts, use mind control, and other psychic powers?


I would have to guess that their abilities would be pretty limited. Especially given their limited mental capabilities, I doubt that they could think tactically enough to do anything other than shoot shoot shoot.
Maybe they could launch a blast that could affect the targets mind in a certain way, make then see things or forget things.

Well, all Skakdi don’t really have full control over their elemental powers anyway since they can only rely on a weapon or another. But is there an example of a Skakdi using elemental power like a Toa? As in controlling the element instead of just blasting it? It’s kinda funny to imagine a Psionics Skakdi wielding a huge sword and using it to mentally move things like a wizard.


they have a big stick that gives you a headache when they hit you in the he’d with it.


That sounds about right to be honest lol