How does chemistry work on Spherus Magna?

I’m asking on behalf of friend, not mine, so I just copy-paste his question:

"Hey GregF, I have couple of questions about Glatorians, Agori and how it works.

  • Is the chemistry on SM working like in our universe? Is it based on Carbon, or on other element unknown in our universe?
  • Are Agori and Glatorian able to reproduce? How genetically similar are they?
  • How did evolution work after separation of SM (The Shattering)? In real life you can’t “de-evolve”. You can adapt to new situation, but can’t turn back to past form.
  • Did creatures after that 100.000 years of separation evolve to new forms? They should’ve, if we follow Earth logic. This also begs another question: Are Agori and Glatorian from this both planets able to mix their genes? What are anatomical differences between them other than bigger intelligence? More food should turn Bota Mana creatures bigger and Bara Manga otherwise smaller."
  1. Don’t know. I generally always stick to the notion that BIONICLE science is not Earth science.
  2. No
  3. True, but this isn’t real life.
  4. Again, Earth logic does not apply here. And the Agori and Glatorian do not have the science to do gene-splicing. The GBs do, but see no reason to bother since their focus seems to be more on the bio-mechanical than genetics.

I kind of feel like it’s also worth pointing out that if the inhabitants of bara magna (or at least the sentient ones) can live so long, evolution would occur on an even slower timescale because they probably wouldn’t be as compelled to reproduce as soon as we might, especially so given their situation.

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Yes. Evolution would not have occured over 100 000 years because we still have the same specimen.