How does one become a mask maker?

(If this is already a topic and I've overlooked it, please tell me)

I 've decided that I wanted to start making life-size Kanohi Mask. I was really excited to start my first mask when I realized: How am I even supposed to this? I don't even know what to make it out of! Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Start with one of the original Mata masks, i Suggest the Hau smile

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@Sidorak Ok thanks! I'll start with a basic mask, but I still don't know exactly how to make it...

Cardboard, duck tape, spray paint and maybe add some lenses like Eljay's Miru has.


Since it's Halloween season, you could get a basic costume mask and add to it and modify it into the proper kanohi.

Thanks @RangerSilver6 and @Risebell !

Paper mache, wire frames and plaster of paris. nuf said.

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In the middle ages you had to make a masterpiece to become a master. What about making a mastermask and then getting the job?

Can we get @Eljay over here to offer his thoughts? I myself have never done anything like this so I don't have any tips. :/

I'd be of no help here, sadly. =P I just picked up a Miru, and started carving the shapes out of cardboard. It's why it looks so bad. I just had to wing it, and once I had a version that looked right and fit, I painted it.


Looks bad? Why, I've never seen a better cardboard Miru myself!

And I found that it was great fun making my plaster Akaku Nuva. Took forever and eventually broke because of misuse.(cough siblings cough) If I had any good pictures of the mask and the process I would definitely post them for you. Maybe this year I'll make the new Akaku...


I hear that @Crunchy has some experience with life size Kanohi. wink


@Eljay thats exactly what I did stuck_out_tongue